Wednesday, March 5, 2008

not much going on

Cliff and I are getting routine things done as winter drags on:  you know, things like my mammogram (done) and going to get new glasses (this Friday).  We take our daily walk, but honestly the weather right now isn't conducive to anything fun outside.

I get two Netflix movies each month; the first one for March came today, and I didn't recall ordering it. 

"Is this a movie somebody at work told you about?" I asked Cliff.

"I don't think so."

So I figure I must have read something about it and put it at the top of my lineup of movies.  Whatever.  Lacking motivation to do anything useful after Cliff left for work, I settled in to watch it.

I must say, Waitress is one of the most memorable movies I've seen lately.   It's PG-13, so there's nothing too raw.  Don't watch it hungry, though; you'll be wanting pie from the moment it starts.

There are very few movies that both Cliff and I like, but I'm pretty sure he'll share my opinion of this one.
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pinkroseal said...

 Mo, did you enjoy the waitress having an affiar with her doctor while  unhappy pregant?  I did not enjoy the movie at all, but each to their own. PINK

breakaway1968 said...

Ya I liked that movie too...I did a review on that a while back.  It sure does make ya hungry tho! lol