Thursday, March 27, 2008

yucky day

Clouds and drizzle.  That sums up this day pretty well.  Cliff and I went to Hub Cycle and bought ourselves rain suits in case we get caught in the rain on our motorcycle.  Actually, we're signed up for an experienced rider's course at Rolling Wheels.  This Sunday.  The forecast stinks (80% chance of rain), and they insist you have rain gear along.

Now, Cliff and I avoid riding the Gold Wing in the rain at all costs.  It just isn't fun.  Besides, we had a horrible experience, years ago, when we borrowed his brother's bike and rode to Versailles.  Coming home, it rained so hard that cars pulled over waiting for it to pass.  Lightening was all around us, we were soaked and freezing. 
The wind was horrific.  We were on a desolate stretch of 50 Highway where there were no stations or stores where we could seek refuge.   I never want to be in that sort of predicament again.

However, we've paid $130 for the two of us to take this class so we'll be safer, and it goes on, rain or shine.  We'll be better for it, I'm sure. 

From the Hub, we went on to Sam's Club, and from there, to Aldi's.  I had stopped going to Aldi's after my mom quit driving (I used to go with her, she loved that store) because, since I don't drive, I try to keep Cliff's grocery stops as few as possible.  But with this economy, it's time to pinch a penny wherever you can.

After Cliff went to work, I took Sadie and we walked in the pasture in spite of the drizzle.  I could have worked with Libby, but it's hard to get motivated on a gray day like this.

There you have it; my gray day in a nutshell.

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madcobug said...

I got myself a nice rain suit about 2 years ago and haven't worn it yet. Ken could not find his size but he does have a cheap suit. If we see rain coming we always head to the dock if possible. I hate fishing in the rain. I just looked at the long range forcast and it says rain Sat and then 3 days next week with one day being 83º unbelieveable. Helen

marainey1 said...

I do hope your forecast changes for that outing...It doen't sound like it would be fun in the rain at all.  Grey day here too, but it maybe white tomorrow...that's what our forecast says...March is just not giving up on us here.  'On Ya' - ma

fierrorachel said...

Seriously, this was a VERY depressing day.

mutualaide said...

Sound like a very gray day.  lol

suzypwr said...

Drizzle - always so charming! Hope your weekend has been great!