Thursday, March 10, 2005

weekend assignment #50

Weekend Assignment #50: Tell us about an artwork -- painting, sculpture or other visual work -- which had a significant impact on you. Note this doesn't have to be your "favorite" piece of art, or the one you like the most (although it can be, if you want): I'm looking for the work that made you think, or affected you in an unexpected way.

Alrighty then:  Click HERE.  This is a fellow with whom I share a couple of message boards.  He's from the great state of Missouri (one point in his favor) and he specializes in drawing native Americans (point two in his favor).

Anyone who's followed this journal, or anyone who's known me for some time, knows about my childhood desire to be an Indian.  When I saw Larry's work on the Kountry Life message board, I just had to have one of those pictures.  Unfortunately, the price of an original drawing was way of of reach for me.  But he had some prints made, and I got to be his first paying customer. 

Extra Credit: Assuming money was no object, how much would you spend on a piece of art?

I'd spend however much it would take to buy one of Larry's actual drawings, instead of just a print.  I believe I could do that for under a couple of thousand dollars... but if money were no object, I'd throw in a little extra change.


astaryth said...

I popped over to look at his work.. I LIKE! I can see why you would want to own som of it!

ryanagi said...

Very nice!