Saturday, March 26, 2005

family firearms

Since both our son and our son-in-law have been bragging about their firearms, Cliff insisted we feature HIS fine handgun, "Ole Betsey".  She's been in Colorado, New Mexico, Florida and Ohio.

Anyone looking at this entry who knows guns probably can tell this is a piece of stamped-out junk, the cheapest we could get.  But Cliff was feeling left out, with the whole family showing off their fine weapons.  So, here she is.  Oh, the pliers are there so you can see the size of the gun.  "The tools of my trade," Cliff says.

We just returned from a wedding at the winery... the vintner's son, Troy.  It makes me feel old, knowing I used to babysit this boy when he was two, and now he's thirty and finally getting married.


woodmotorsports said...

Hey, there is some fine pistolsmithing that has been done to that handgun! Well, at least it doesn't jam up now, but I don't think we helped its value much.

fierrorachel said...

I'll never forget when we were on the way home from Colorado, and I was driving dad's car.  We pulled into a rather shady-looking rest stop, and I said, "this place gives me the creeps!"  You said, "don't worry, Ole Betsey is in the console."  ACK!  I'm driving around with a gun?!  That still makes me laugh.  Like either of us could have used it, and the men were in another vehicle.  Fat lot of good Ole Betsey would have done against questionable characters!

fierrorachel said...

Oh yeah, and take a tip from Jim...the pliers are there for still-life composition.

ryanagi said...

Little...but deadly, I'm sure. Guns scare me! I don't think I could sleep if I knew one was in my house. LOL