Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Six, episode 48

Picture from Hometown

1. Have you ever called 911 for an emergency?  No, but we've only had 911 here in the boondocks for about 4 years.
2. Do you spend more or save more?  I'm supposed to save?
3. How many live plants do you have in your home now?  none  Do you give them enough attention?  If I had some, no... I wouldn't.  That's why I don't have house plants.
4. What was the last thing you did to exercise?  As luck would have it, I just got back from a two-hour horseback ride, but I don't do it for the exercise... I do it for pleasure.  How often do you exercise?  I ride my horse an average of three or four times a week, weather permitting.  For over twenty years I walked at least three miles a day, but my knees no longer permit me to do that.
5. Where do you compare with regard to your parents:  do you feel like an adult, or still like the "kid?"  If you feel like an adult, when did you first feel that way?  My parents are both dead, but I always was the kid around my mother.

6. Who is the last person you received a personal card or letter from that wasn't sent to mark a special occasion?  My sister sent a letter with instructions on how to get to her house in Texas, before my daughter and I took our trip there.   

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hunybea4him said...

great answers.  I loved the one for #4.  Horseback ridding must be so much fun.

Much Love,