Tuesday, March 29, 2005

taking offense (a rant)

I read about half-a-dozen message boards on a regular basis these days, and I've run across some wonderful folks on all of them.  I've also encountered a few jerks.  Many public forums have moderators who can ban constant trouble-makers from posting, and have the power to delete posts that are offensive.  This is necessary.

Today I'm on my soapbox.  On what used to be one of my favorite message boards (it's not linked on this journal) people were wishing one another happy Easter.  One lady included a scripture in her Easter greeting.  This offended someone!

This person pointed out a section of the "forum rules", namely this:  " Avoid political and religious ideology debates. They tend to cause inflamed discussions, anger, and hurt feelings, which put you at risk of violating these rules. This is an Almanac site, after all, not a political or religious site."

Debates?  Since when did "happy Easter", "Have a blessed Easter" and "He is risen" turn into a debate?  There's a Buddhist lady who posts on that board who told us she wasn't offended.  By the way, I was not one of the people who posted Easter greetings, so this isn't a personal thing.

I read all kinds of views in J-land.  The beliefs here run the gamut:  atheists, Wicca, Christianity, and many others.  As long as I am not personally attacked, I am not offended.  One thing about a blog:  I have the right to say what I believe.  So does everyone else.  I realize it isn't the same with a message board, which is probably the reason I post more in this journal these days, and less on the boards.

I've posted my last comment on that particular forum.  I'll read from time to time, to see how my favorite people are doing.  But if it's that easy to offend someone, I won't take the chance of doing so.  I've permanently logged off that site, and have no intention of taking part again.  


csandhollow said...

I do not understand why people have to be that way.

ksquester said...

Some people are just idiots!!!!   Anne

amy122389 said...

I understand completely.  I used to have a favorite message board, and one particular person felt a need to attack everyone and everything that didn't agree with her and her beliefs.  It got old and ridiculous....so I don't bother even checking in anymore.  Sad, isn't it?


ryanagi said...

Some people want to be offended so they can stir up trouble. I guess it's an outlet for them. It irritates the hell out of me. I say, if you have nothing nice to say then shut up. LOL I don't see having one little quote from scripture as "debate". If she had said something inflamatory like "if you don't believe he is risen you are going to hell" then maybe. Another bone-headed move on the part of AOL was taking away the ability of the board moderators to delete posts. Now all they can do is wag fingers and report trouble makers the same way all of us can. TOS. The message boards are going straight to heck.

heyuno said...

maybe some people need to grow up......by the way I hope you had a Happy Easter with all the grandkids.  It's your blog, it's my comment.

lacaza3 said...

Theres an ASS in every message board...These people need to crawl back under the rock they came out of  ....that's what I think
donna In TEXAS

tendernoggle said...

It's a shame that there is gonna be a griper in every group...some people are not happy unless they are making others miserable. Sorry you are having to give up something you like because of that.
Take care,

toonguykc said...

Hey there, buddy!  I've been attacked on message boards before and for alot worse than saying "Happy Easter!".  I've been blistered on the AOL news groups for my opposition to Bush and the war.  I guess I'm a "trouble-maker"....but a well-intentioned one.  The Journal is a much better place for it.  Thanks for reminding me of that.   Russ  

deveil said...



sanforized6 said...

Guess it wasn't a GOP board? I like the blog, you can keep that other stuff. rich