Sunday, March 27, 2005

About Ole Betsy

Lest some of you think Cliff and I are "gun nuts", I'd better let you know how it really is:  When we bought a pop-up camper a few years back and decided to vacation in Colorado, I worried about bears.  A bear could easily rip through the canvas sides of a pop-up camper, and this troubled me.  Also, we'd seen a story on TV of a couple of girls who were slaughtered by some nut while hiking in the Ozarks.  Around the same time, there were scattered reports of people being overtaken and robbed at rest stops across the country.  So, we went looking for a cheap handgun, just for when we traveled.

In theory, this sounds reasonable.  But here's what would happen:  We'd be drifting off to sleep in a Colorado state park when I'd say, "Where's Ole Betsy?"

"Oh, she's locked up in the car."

Nights are cold in Colorado, and neither of us was about to get out of the sleeping bag, half-asleep, and go get our protection.

Or, conversely, we'd pull over at a rest stop, and I'd say, "Where's Ole Betsy?"

"Oops, she's folded up in the camper," Cliff would answer.

So yes, we do take Ole Betsy when we vacation.  But she is very seldom in the place where we need her to be.  Oh well, we tried.

God will have to help us if an intruder ever shows up.

Meanwhile, if we get pulled over by a highway patrol somewhere along the line in this vast country of ours, we could get cited for having a hidden weapon. 


tendernoggle said...

Working at the Bar-B-Que, I have to close up the place some nights and  transfer money, so I had to get my concealed weapons license. I have a 38 snub nose and it always go where I go.....I call her "Sally" ! These days and times, you can not be too careful.

csandhollow said...

Ole'Betsy is swell!