Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Old Thresher's Reunion

First of all, you need to realize my husband is NOT a morning person.  That's why he loves working second shift, 3:30 to midnight.  Next thing you need to know is that I AM a morning person.  I'm awake before 4 A.M., and happy about it.

When I work, I leave shortly after 5 A.M.  I like to touch bases with Cliff, so I wake him and chatter about whatever is on my mind.  He mostly just grunts, and often doesn't even remember our "conversations". 

This morning I told him about the Old Thresher's literature we received in yesterday's mail.  I love that annual Labor Day gathering in Iowa, and we've gone a few times.  There's an added incentive to go, this year:  Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley will be singing TOGETHER on Thursday night, and we both enjoy them.  This is what I woke Cliff to tell him.  And what did I hear from him?

"I don't know how you plan to find the money for all the stuff you think we're going to do this year, with you only working two days a week!"


But I remembered, Cliff is not to be held accountable for anything he says at 5 AM.

Sure enough, when I got home he'd left a message on the answering machine telling me he didn't know WHERE that came from, and that we'd do anything I wanted to do this year if we had to BORROW the money.

I love my husband.  (And we won't be borrowing any money; I'm secreting a few bucks away each week for just such purposes.)


ksquester said...

Oh, you are gonna have soooo much fun!  Anne

tendernoggle said...

I would love to see that show too!
I save my change and it really adds up!

sanforized6 said...

Old Threshers Never Die!! Sounds like a fun time? Seriously, knowing what I know of you two through your journal, I bet you will have an absolute ball!! That's great!! rich

csandhollow said...

Cliff really is an old softie!

fierrorachel said...

Yeah, that's Dad.  Outsiders would hear that first comment and think, "what a jerk!" but family members and friends know that he would do anything in the world for his family!  I almost wanna go...reading that flyer.  Heck, like I wanna drive to Iowa on a holiday weekend....NOT!

toonguykc said...

My dad loved going to the thresher fests in a place called Goessell (sp?), KS.  I used to tag along as a kid and was always bored out of my mind!  I used to wish one of those giant tractors would lose control and start flattening everything.   Have fun!  Russ

bnanajm said...

I'm so glad you will get to go this year. Seems like we usually do find the pennies to do the things we want most.

I'll have to miss a few trips this year till I build up my vacation time on the new job.  Glad I did all my traveling last year.  But that's ok  :o)