Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Six - Episode 50

Picture from Hometown

1. Do you believe that Terri Schiavo should be allowed to die or that she should be kept alive?  I believe she ought to be allowed to die.
2. Has the Schiavo case made you take any action towards creating a living will of your own?  My daughter knows my wishes and has durable power of attorney.  My husband also knows how I feel.  We've discussed this at some length, many times.
3. Let's forget what we know -- or more likely, what we think we know -- about Schiavo's condition.  If you suffered a brain injury that would leave you in a non-responsive vegetative state (whether Schiavo is in this state or not) and your doctors said that there was so much brain damage that there would be no hope of recovery, would you want to be kept alive no matter what?  No, No, a thousand times NO.

4. Has anyone outside of your immediate family ever asked you to be their "personal representative" to make such a decision on their behalf if they ever suffer a severe injury?  No. 

Do you think you could really make the decision?  If I had discussed it with them and truly knew their wishes, I think I could.  The time came when doctors were going to operate on my mom, and my sister and I agreed that, although it might extend her life (she was 91), the pain of recovery would be more than she ought to have to bear.  We did for our mother what we'd want done for us; as it turned out, the condition for which they were going to operate never caused her another problem, so our decision was a good one.  She died a few months later. 

5. Do you have a special outfit ready for Easter Sunday?  No;    
One of my favorite quotes is from Henry David Thoreau:  "Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes."  I'm not a typical woman; clothes, shoes, and so forth mean very little to me.
   Does your family have any special Easter traditions?  Only that we usually have a big Easter dinner, with ham, deviled eggs, home-made noodles, and yeast rolls from scratch.  We have other stuff, but those are required.  This year the ham is home-cured, from the hogs we butchered recently.

6. What room of your house is the absolute messiest?  Would you ever let a house guest see it?  All my upstairs is pretty much a mess, unless someone is coming to spend a night up there.  We really don't use the upstairs much.  I have a junk room up there that is the absolute worst.  Flylady got me started cleaning it up, but I'm afraid I've lapsed lately (as far as the upstairs, that is).  I'll get back on the bandwagon with the five-minute rescue thing, shortly.  I'd probably rather a guest didn't see it, but I'm pretty straight-forward.  It's me, it's my house; take it or leave it.


ksquester said...

Lordy Mo, I can smell those yeast rolls now!  Anne

csandhollow said...

I do like this entry. I think that we are alike in a lot of ways.

cneinhorn said...

my upstairs is a mess too which is why we keep the company downstairs!


jander5045 said...

I have a living will but as far as Terri -----yes I think that she should be allowed to die but not let die.   If we did that to one of our our, it will be wrong and we would be put in jail.   I believe that her mother and father had the right to take her home with them.  If they wanted to care for her what right did her so called husband who has been living his own life with a woman and fathered two children have.   The money from the ins. is about to run out, the poor man may have to work for a living now, so why keep her around. To h--- with her mother who loves her. In my book he is as low as he can get, because he has been there only when the money was there.