Friday, March 4, 2005

Expect Great Things! (John Scalzi's weekend assignment)

Weekend Assignment #49: Congratulations! You've become famous enough to be courted for product endorsements and/or charitable cause spokespersonhood. Which product or charity would you personally endorse? Incidentally, while the idea here would be a chance to highlight a product/charity you enjoy or believe in, it's perfectly acceptable for the purposes of this Weekend Assignment to make an endorsement purely for the cash. So if you want to go in that direction, knock yourself out (note: the product has to be legal; the charity has to be an actual one). 

Well then, I'm advertising Kohls!  I went in today to buy Cliff some T-shirts and ran into dozens of 80%-off racks.  I left the store with a pair of winter boots (I'll put them up till next year), a pair of Sketchers, two nice dress shirts for Cliff, a pair of comfy slacks that don't quite fit, but may fit my daughter, AND Cliff's six T-shirts... all for under $50!  (Should I mention that Kohl's is my employer, and that I get a discount?) 

Extra Credit: A picture of yourself with your beloved product, looking perhaps a little too enthusiastic (i.e., ham it up).

Sorry about the tractors in the background, but in order to get Cliff to take my picture, I had to go to him... in the shop.  If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mohammed!


plieck30 said...

Ummm not only is the lady pretty, the tractors are too. Paula

toonguykc said...

You look incredibly happy in that photo!  I'm glad you are happy.   Russ

bookncoffee said...

I didn't know you worked at Kohls?  Oh awesome!  I love the place.  We shop there often.....Exit 6.....yep, the exit we were supposed to go to yesterday and shop and then eat at Panera for lunch, but NO....we had the tire problem.  Cute pic with the tractors.  It's charming b/c it's you!!!  

marainey1 said...

I love the shirt !  I never realized that was Kohls motto before.  I think it fits you - the motto , that is !  Have a great weekend !  'On Ya'  - ma

krobbie67 said...

Hmm....I need to check out Kohl's. I know we have them out here but I tend to shop at the same places so I haven't tracked them down yet but I love a great deal. :-) ---Robbie