Friday, March 18, 2005

Van's tickets are purchased!

" That's right, starting today at 10am (local time in your area), you can be amongst the very first to score tickets through our special PRE-SALE SITE. For just under $28, you'll receive a ticket to the show AND the new Vans Warped Tour 2005 CD compilation -- that's LESS than what it will cost you at the show! The price covers all shipping and service fees too."

I not only bought the Van's tickets for myself and two teenaged grandchildren at pre-sale, but I upgraded them so we'll each get a compilation CD of the artists at last years Vans, a twelve-month subscription to some punk magazine, and the right to move to the head of the line at any meet-and-greets at this years tour.  Those extras I paid for don't mean a lot to me, but they'll be great for the kids!

The way Van's Tour works, there are four stages, and there are often two (or more) bands playing at once.  So you take the racuous sound of punk and multiply it times however many are playing at the same time.

Amber doesn't come out much any more, so I'm not current on the latest alternative groups.  Therefore, I've never heard of any of these bands:    

The Transplants
Fall Out Boy
The Offspring
Strung Out
Dropkick Murphy's
No Use For A Name
The Starting Line
Senses Fail
Hawthorne Heights
All American Rejects
Avenged Sevenfold
Matchbook Romance
The Unseen
Bedouin Sound Clash
Tsunami Bomb
The Bled
Strike Anywhere
Billy Talent
The Explosion
Another Damn Disappointment
Valient Thorr
The Matches
Hidden in Plain View
Plain White T's
The Twenty Twos
From First to Last

However, last year I'd never heard of Story of the Year or Sugarcult, and there are certain songs I like by both of those groups.  I'm searching on Yahoo music, checking out videos by some of these groups I've never heard of.  I don't like the songs where they simply scream; I like a melody.  And believe it or not, some punk rock groups have songs with actual melodies. 

If I find some nice melodies by any of these bands, I'll be at their stages (but in back of the young crowd... one mosh pit experience was enough for me).


sistercdr said...

I'm solidly middle aged, but I've got a fondness for punk that will never go away, even if I am too old for the mosh pit anymore.  Like you, I don't like the screamers, but I love the energy and independence of punk rock.  I think it's great that you're going with your grandkids.  I won't let my daughter go to concerts unless her father, I or another parent I know goes as well, which means that right now, she won't go to concerts.  She's too cool to be seen with parents.  I think it bothers her a bit that I like the music too, even though she's glad we can listen to it in the car together.

bookncoffee said...

You are going to have so much fun!!!  

ryanagi said...

"Fall Out Boy" LOLOLOLOLOLOL! "Watch out, Radio Active Man!" Heh! (It's from The Simpsons...sorry. Lost in my own amusement here.) Sounds like a fun time! Bring your ear plugs (to cut down the DBs and minimize any hearing damage).