Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm so proud of my horse AND my granddaughter

The seven-year-old granddaughter, Natalie, is an animal-lover.  She's always begging to ride a horse.  Her mom's horse, Brat (yes, I'm calling him Brat.  He's used up all my patience) is definately not ready for a child-rider.  And by the time Natalie sees me on Blue, he's often worn-out from a long ride.

Tonight she mentioned wanting to ride, and I figured Blue was rested from this morning.  Also, he seemed to be laid-back again after the winter's rest, and used to being ridden.  So I saddled him up, shortened the stirrups as much as possible (not enough for Nattie though), and helped Natalie mount.

We went to his pen first; it's not that big, and there isn't much he could do to get them in trouble.  At first I walked along beside them, explaining the basics to Natalie.  After seeing that he was performing admirably, I opened the gate and let Natalie ride him in the yard. 

"Grandma, can I ride him around the shop?"

"Sure, just don't let him start going fast; and you tell HIM where you're going... don't let him choose his path."

After a few rounds in the yard, we went to the pen where Brat (formerly known as Prince) used to stay.  Natalie did a few circles there.  She and Blue did great.

I love that horse... have I mentioned this before?

And you know, when a little girl wants to ride, she WILL ride.

Natalie's time has come.



astaryth said...

YEAH! Nothing like your first solo ride!

bookncoffee said...

Glad Natalie got to bond with blue.  It gives me warm fuzzies knowing you are happy with your horse.  It is so nice to be content with life and these animals God has blessed us with, are such blessings.

toonguykc said...

Have you seen the movie "Something to Talk About"?  It's mostly a piece of Hollywood fluff with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid -- but there is this priceless little girl in it who begs to ride a horse called "Possum" and not the pony she's always put on.  Your entry reminded of that movie.  It's worth watching if you ever come across it.   Russ

lowis6535 said...

  What a lucky kid Natalie is!  I was horse crazy from forever.  We moved to a farm when I was in fourth grade, so, eventually , I got my own horse.
  LOOKS LIKE YOU'LL have to buy a pony or little horse just her size!  Or, at least a pony saddle for the big horse!  You can string a set of stirrups for her on your saddle by hooking them on your saddle horn.

csandhollow said...

I bought Brook some buddy stirups. They hook on the saddle horn. It has made a difference in her riding because she feels more stable ( and I feel she is safer)

sanforized6 said...

"Ride Captain Ride, etc" I think it's all in the GENES!! rich

jevanslink said...

I was seven when I went on my first ride.  Thanks for brining back some fond memories.