Friday, March 11, 2005

poems inspired by my horse

(The Keeper)
© copyright December 9, 2003
Donna Wood

I rode my horse last evening, and what a ride he gave!
He gladly did my bidding, completely well-behaved.
He nickers when he sees me and meets me at the gate:
This time, I have a keeper; this horse has no bad traits!

He doesn't tear the fence down by pawing all the time;
He never chases cattle; his manners are sublime.
His gait is smooth as butter.  He's glad to carry me,
And once he's in condition, he'll be a sight to see.

The local horse professional came by to see my horse:
He smiled his approval, and tried to buy, of course!
He offered me a profit, but Blue will not be sold.
He's sure enough a keeper:  it looks like I've struck gold!


© copyright December 27, 2003
Donna Wood

Why do some people feel the need
To ride upon a noble steed?
A beast at least five times our size!
Why do we feel we've won a prize
When we’ve spent fortunes buying tack
To sit upon a horse's back?
This animal has power to kill...
And yet, we gladly  pay the bill
For farriers and feed and vets
So we can own such gorgeous pets.

It’s been this way ten thousand years:
We’ll mount a horse, in spite of fears.
Why it is so, I cannot tell:     
There's something in a horse's smell
That's habit-forming, I suppose.
And what about that velvet nose?
I watch my horse for signs of love,
Full-knowing, when push comes to shove,
That I'm a servant of his moods,
And all he cares about is food.

© copyright March 9, 2004
Donna Wood

I don't know how to say it;  I suppose you'd have to see
To understand the way my horse communicates with me:
He nickers when he sees me, knowing I am not a threat
And reaches out his pretty velvet nose for me to pet.

This horse is quite intelligent; I let him make decisions.
Cliff says before I know it, he'll be doing long division!
My husband doesn't comprehend the bond we share, of course:
He just cannot appreciate the way I love my horse.

Long ago, I had a horse that almost met my needs...
Affectionate and energetic:  quite a lovely steed!
But I had children growing up, and garden crops to raise;
There weren’t many chances to go  riding in those days.

Now it's only me and Cliff.  I get off work at two,
And there is nothing in the world I really HAVE to do.
There's not a thing to hinder me from riding every day:
Or simply sitting by my horse, to watch him eat his hay.

I took so much for granted back when I was in my prime,
And didn't understand how brief is our allotted time.
Now I treasure every fleeting hour I can spend
With knowledge that, before I know it, life will reach its end. 

Maybe you are wondering what all that has to do
With what I started out with here... my lovely horse named Blue.
I simply want to tell you, have some fun while you are here,
Enjoying friends and family, and things that you hold dear.

And so tonight, if there's no rain, I'll ride the horse again.
You'll know I'm having fun, because I'll wear a silly grin.
Life is for the living:  I will try to stay on course,
And I'll be spending lots of time enjoying my horse.


© copyright February 28, 2004
Donna Wood

This horse knows things.  He's very wise.
There's understanding in his eyes.
He puts up with ineptitude
And isn't insolent or rude.
This horse has heart, and real soul,
Allowing me complete control:
With no agenda, no facade:
This creature is a gift from God!

He is the teacher here, you see.
And puts up with the worst in me
He'll sometimes shake his head and snort,
But he's a gentle, patient sort.
I once owned just this kind of horse
Then sold him, to my great remorse.
This time, I know I have a prize:
Blue has a home until he dies.







toonguykc said...

You are incredibly talented, Miss Woods!!!  I'm freakin' impressed!!!!   Russ

starstarj said...

How wonderful! You caputured the true love of horses and riding.

bnanajm said...

Hhmmmm - I see fodder for another publication.  I need a second volume for my 'Wood" collection.

Love ya,


bookncoffee said...

What wonderful poems.  You are just so talented.   Glad he's a good one!!!  

sanforized6 said...

I love the way you "horse" around! Great poems!! rich