Monday, March 14, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot #2: Meet the Computer!

John Scalzi is at it again:

Monday Photo Shoot #2: Your computer is a doorway to the entire world (at least the online parts of it). Show off your computer and its surrounding environment. Describe any interesting details.

I spent extra bucks at Dell upgrading the sound system for this computer.  I think that big box up above is called a sub-woofer.  All four speakers plug into it, whatever it is.  Cliff and I do have our "juke box" going a lot.  I'm listening to music as I type now.

On that top shelf in the left section is a box of floppy disks that I may as well get rid of.  Next to it is a spray bottle of guitar wax that I probably haven't used in a year.  There's a cup with about a dozen assorted pens in it holding up a journal-type book my nephew's son made me, and three copies of my book of poems, Poems That Rhyme.  Behind the cup is a flashlight, just in case I need to go outside after dark and check on a pet.

In the middle section is Mandy's Ivomec (monthly wormer), a pottery vase I bought in Colorado with a tired Indian on a tired horse painted on it, my week-long pill holder (multi-vitamin, an aspirin, and glucosamine for each day), a mechanical cat that meows when you push a button on it (sent to me by my weird online friend, Nachtkommen), and a webcam I hardly ever use.  Behind that is a kokopeli tile, also from Colorado.

In the right-hand section of the top part is a souvenir from Mount Vernon, a model of a round barn George Washington built that has been rebuilt there to see.  Behind that is a 55-year-old can of Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder I got cheap on Ebay, because it's like my grandma used.  It's full, and a whiff of that powder gives me good memories of Grandma, ready to go to Church.  Shoved to the right of that speaker are some greeting cards that are special to me, like one in an envelope that reads, "To the best thing that ever happened to me" and another in an envelope that says, "To my brown-eyed delight". 

OK, down to the real goodies... my eighteen-inch flat-screen monitor.  I LOVE IT!  There's my cable-modem to the right of it, and then my Canon printer, a real cheapie... but it does what I need.  That sheet of paper laying on it needs to be put with my lyrics; it's the words to "The Old Country Church".  Oh, that little thing in front of the monitor is what I put my digital card in, to get the pictures to my computer.  My son set that up for me, since I couldn't figure out at first how to access my pictures!

To the left of the desk, that dark thing with the tissues on top is my CD storage.  Lousy place for it, but it's the best I could do. 

At the request of my husband, here's a picture of HIS view of my desk:



mutualaide said...

You, my dear, are as neat as a pin.  I cannot say the same.  

amy122389 said...

Hee Cliff's picture!!!  You're braver than me.....I'm embarrassed to take a picture of my area.  LOL

sanforized6 said...

Nice to see your "world" Guess we all are much more alike than we think. rich

bookncoffee said...

Looks like you have yourself a nice little work area. And play area!!!  And eating area....if that is a table I see.

mattelmichele said...

Its so darn clean & organized. I am impressed! So thats what the back of your head looks like :)~

Mucho Grande Hugs!!

beyes2750 said...

Ohhhhhhhhh to have that much room!  I live an apartment with a built in station....Enough said?  I'll be posting it this evening but WOW nothing like yours!  Very nice set up ...B

olddog299 said...

I like the humor inherant in your hubby's view of thigs -- all way too neat for this slobotnik!


woodmotorsports said...

I knew why the second picture was there even before I read it! LMAO Glad to see dad got the M going, and from the expression on his face it must be running pretty darn good.

pandorasbazaar said...

Wow! How nice and neat.


ryanagi said...

So organized! I look around at the mess that is my office (and I refuse to take a photo right now) and oooooh the guilt. LOL

plieck30 said...

Bet that screen is a joy to have in your neat area. Paula

cneinhorn said...

wow, your desk is so neat and tidy!


aryamvelez said...

Gah! My computer space is so messy! I twitch everytime I rip my eyes off the screen! AND, there's this growing glob og...stuff growing around the cables. I haven't brought myself to actually touvh it, but I have to do something with it. Gotta kill it, before it kills me.

sdpn72 said...

I truly enjoyed my visit to your journal! Congratulations on being featured at AOL Journals!