Thursday, March 17, 2005

my crockpot runneth over

The dogs went with me to the woods; as usual, they found a "treasure":  the jawbone of some long-dead cow.  Probably old Betsy, who died of milk fever some ten or twelve years ago.  Mandy brought it up to the yard, and will no doubt try and sneak it inside with her, next time she comes in.

I went back to the woods to try and decide between two spots for my getaway cabin.  I laid on the ground at both places, and sat looking off across the river bottom.  I think I've made my choice.

Actually, I went out with full intention of riding Blue for a short while; but the wind is so strong today, it blew away my desire to ride.  So I walked instead.

Tuesday night, I asked my daughter if she needed a crockpot.  Indeed, she did.  Since I had three, I told her, she could have one of mine.  Wednesday at work, we played Bingo to raise money for United Way, and I won..... another crockpot!!!  So I'll still have three.

Cliff is still raving about the tangy pork chops I fixed the other day in the slow-cooker.  I'll be making that again, for sure.

I did have a longer entry, but I hit "enter" and it all disappeared.  So, what you see is what you get.


csandhollow said...

Mandy sure is busy! I do not blame you about riding in strong winds!

fierrorachel said...

I have a crockpot!  WoooHooo!  We can, once again, keep chili hot all afternoon.  We can try your new pork chop recipe.  We can put a pot of beans on before work, and have dinner when we get home.  Life is GOOD!

plieck30 said...

I really like crock pot cooking. Just put it on in the morning and forget about it almost and the food taste soooo good. Paula

sistercdr said...

It's going to be years before we build our cabin on our farm land, but we've already got the place picked out, and I've been drawing up plans in my head.  It never hurts to dream in advance.  Thanks for the spyware advice.  That stuff really ticks me off.

bookncoffee said...

I told Hubby and he was excited that we could share the recipe.  Actually not ours but in the Fix it and Forget it cookbook.  That book sure has some good recipes.  You have it don't you?  If you have 3 crock pots, you ought too - LOL!

tendernoggle said...

lol.I liked the last part.......hehehe
Ok, what is the pork chop recipe? lol

ryanagi said... won another one! LMAO!! Oh man...that is too funny.