Saturday, March 19, 2005


My wonderful flat-panel monitor quit working.  I'm typing this on the kiddie computer in the bedroom.  Dell, here I come!  (for a monitor, that is)

Thank goodness for a spare computer.


bookncoffee said...

Oh least you CAN get in to the internet!!!!!  Have a good Saturday.

spurgins311 said...

Gee....that is awful. I have a flat screen and it cost a lot....just hope it doesn't go out cause I couldn't afford one. But the older monitors are a lot cheaper since the flat ones came out. Hope you get it fixed soon.


jspiker said...

Hurrry up and get back to normal.
I really enjoy reading about the country life!
Your journal is very interesting!

csandhollow said...

Oh no! Knock on wood that mine stays working!

sanforized6 said...

I got the "old fashioned" monitor, BUT, knock wood, no problems. rich

tendernoggle said...

omg ! I hope my computer stuff hangs on for a while! I am addicted!!!!!!