Monday, March 7, 2005

an educational geography game

I found a fun and educational game in my email today.  Play it a couple of times and you'll know a lot more about geography.  Click HERE if you'd like to try it.

We went to look at a couple of Jersey cows yesterday evening.  One is bred to a Jersey bull, one to an Angus.  They're about half the price of the one at a dairy in Iowa, but they are also a lot older, and grade cows, rather than registered.  I am praying for guidance as I try to make a decision.  The thought has also occured to me that I have to squat to milk a cow, and it's pretty much physically impossible for me to squat... and very painful.

It's rather strange anyhow, my wanting a Jersey cow, since they are a dairy breed.  I don't really care about the milk.  I just love the breed!  But like it or not, it will be necessary to milk a cow, at least for the first couple of months; because a dairy cow gives more milk than her calf can possible consume, until it gets to be six or eight weeks old.  Perhaps my praying will lead in the direction of not getting a Jersey at all, although that isn't what I expected.  Maybe common sense will reign.  Or maybe not.   


heyuno said...

I think you better give the cow up.....your knee's are to bad to squat every day 7 days a week.  Just my opion.

starstarj said...

Cows are ALOT of work and it is back breaking (and knee breaking)! I love Jerseys too but let common sense guide you lol.

sanforized6 said...

Holy Cow!! I'm to sick to do the geography. Just wanted to see how you're doing. rich

simwarford said...

I've always been fond of Jerseys, too. And I'd welcome that rich milk--and all the cream!
Maybe you could find some way either to elevate the cow--so you could sit and milk, instead of squatting on a stool--or make some sort of trench to lower yourself? Just a suggestion. And I understand that, even after the calves are weaned, you really only need milk once a day; you get less milk that way, but you didn't want it anyway, right?!

csandhollow said...

Well you could milk it if you had a ramp for it to walk up on that allowed you to sit to milk maybe