Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's snowing

I worked today.  Inside the distribution center, we're totally unaware of what the weather's doing, except at break, when we can look out the windows.  It was raining at second break.  So I was surprised to see snow when I left the building to head home... nice big wet flakes.  Of course, it's melting pretty fast as it hits the ground.

When I went out to toss Blue his hay, Brat was running the fence begging to be in with his pal, so of course I obliged him.  I usually give Blue an hour on pasture, but this evening it was just too nasty.

Last week my supervisor had told me to come to work Tuesday and Wednesday.  But we are absolutely swamped with freight upstairs, and it's a four-day work week; so she asked today if I could work Thursday too.  I have no reason not to, and I can use a few extra bucks to help me pay for my new monitor.


ksquester said...

WOW, snow and it's spring. It's sunny and warm here today. How's that new monitor? Has it arrived yet?   Anne

fierrorachel said...

Not as good as the time it snowed 15 inches on March 13 (my birthday), but it was still great to see it coming down today!  I love spring, and I want warm temps and green grass, but I can't get over my love of big, beautiful snowflakes!  Still, first 80 degree day, Buddy (aka Brat) is getting his first long ride!

tendernoggle said...

Hey, you get a chance to amke a little extra money...that's aways nice! And it is coming at a good time too, huh?
This weather has been so crazy here lately. We had a thunderstorm and a tornado watch today.

tendernoggle said...


csandhollow said...

They do not like to be apart now, do they? Wanted snow this year. o well there is always next year.

bookncoffee said...

Snow????  Happy Spring!  
Good job on getting the extra day of work.  Good choice!!!  

sanforized6 said...

You get to work & horse around, all in the same day? What a lucky person. rich

ryanagi said...

It's snowing like MAD here right now. Crazy!

carmencool19 said...

hey dude/ chicka! if you think thats bad, come to my house! its horrible, that pic doesnt even look like theres a lot of snow! i got 2-4 inches the other day! what did you get? a light frost? c'mon! youre pathetic!