Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I get by with some help from my friends

Years ago, when I was young, people sat on their front porches in the evening and visited with their neighbors.  Housewives shared recipes and cleaning tips and products across the back fence or perhaps after Church on Sunday night, or at a Stanley party.

Now it seems J-land has become the back fence and  front porch for a large proportion of our society.  Thanks to Lois and Celeste, I learned about "buddy stirrups", and purchased a set for Natalie and Monica.  The next time they want to ride, they'll be able to have their feet in the stirrups, and will be much more secure.

Thanks to Bookncoffee (I wish I remembered her first name), Cliff and I had a delicious slow-cooker lunch today, Tangy Pork Chops. 

Thanks to Faye, who doesn't have a journal as far as I know, but comments in mine sometimes, I learned about Flylady.

I read about your favorite cleaning products and rush out to buy them.  I see a good book mentioned in a journal and surf quickly to half.com to search for it.

Toonguy warns me of the perils of corresponding with inmates in prison, and I pay attention.

My senior literature teacher once said, "You won't stop learning as long as you keep reading."

Well, my reading may be on a monitor screen, but I'm still learning.


amy122389 said...

I remember sittin' on the front porch as a kid...watching the neighbors go by...you found out who just got a new dog, what little kid needed help with their bicycle chain, who was havin' a barbecue....  ::sigh::  :)

csandhollow said...

I loved the front porch! Thanks to you I have met a good group of people( the chat room) I may not say much but I enjoy listening. Thank you for becoming my friend.

firestormkids04 said...

I feel as you do!  I may not talk personally to them, but I have made many friends here in j-land!  Blessings, Penny

astaryth said...

Stanley parties --oh my goodness-- my grandmother was a rep and I spent many an afternoon at someones house sitting in a corner quietly playing with the bingo cards and  waiting for the ladies to get to the part where I got to eat the goodies <g>.. Thanks for the memory!

bookncoffee said...

Nice entry.  Glad you enjoyed the pork chops.  "sonya" is the name you are looking for to go with 'bookncoffee'.  I am glad you enjoyed the Tangy Pork Chops!!!  The slow cooker really makes 'em tender.  
Isn't Toonguy the one that keeps us from making mistakes gossiping, too.  :>)  He looks out after you!!!  

tendernoggle said...

Don't we miss thoe old days of front porch sitting?! You are soooooo right , journal land is the new front porch!!

toonguykc said...

I'm waving to you from the front porch of my blog -- even though you've probably been asleep for at least 6 hours already!  ;)   Toonguy

ryanagi said...

Excellent. Love it!

plieck30 said...

I come from a long line of porch sitters. I can see the hummingbirds on my mama's and the morningglories on my grandma's now. Every afternoon after supper my daddy would say he was going to "chew the fat" with Levi. That meant talk with our blind neighbor man on the porch. Paula