Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New monitor has arrived

I heard a knock on my door and was surprised to see it was the UPS man... with my monitor! 

"Already?"  I asked.

"You know," he responded, smiling "any time people get something from Dell, they ALWAYS say that."

Well yeah, they said three to five business days, but I got notice only this morning that it had been shipped.  I just ordered it Saturday!

Getting the monitor connected to my computer wasn't without incident, but after vainly trying to hook it up to the wrong place for about twenty minutes, I finally looked at the instructions.  Duh. 

Then, when I turned on the computer, my mouse wouldn't work.  Oh no!

Turns out while messing around at the back of the tower, I had unplugged the mouse.  By the way, don't tell Flylady, but there's a lot of dust back there.

So now, I'm in business.  The other monitor is back on the kiddie computer, so the grandchildren will have their fun when they're here.  And all I have to do is pay for this new addition... and pray it lasts longer than two years.  If it doesn't?  I'll buy another.  If I still smoked, I'd spend more than $500 in six months and have nothing to show for it except a chronic cough.  But I don't smoke.  I have this other vice... the INTERNET.


ksquester said...

woohoo, you're "smoking" now.....on the computer that is! I just got a Dell for my husband this Christmas and we LOVE it! Thanks for your comment, I can always count on you for prayers Donna!   Anne

sistercdr said...

Yikes, I've got both habits!

csandhollow said...

Internet junkie, that's what I am!

sanforized6 said...

It is a vice, isn't it? BUT, it's a fun one. I've been putzing around on this thing most of the day, primarily reading other entries, and haven't got around to my own. Crazy!! Anyhow, I'm a Dell person also, so it was nice to hear they had been so responsive. Cheerio! rich

tendernoggle said...

WOW, TALK ABOUT GOOD SERVICE! I know you were so happy to get it all hooked up and ready to go!
I quit smoking was either that or starve, but I ended up paying for a new car with the money we saved, since my husband quit too!
But like you, I now have a new is also called the internet!
Take care!

spurgins311 said...

Glad you got the monitor...and yes that was fast. How do you like it?

Take care of your cough! :)

whitedove3622 said...

I love my Dell !! So happy you are all set. Hooray !!

ryanagi said...

I'll let you in on a little industry trade secret. Pad the shipping time and when the customer gets their order really fast, they are impressed and tell all their friends. ;-)