Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This is only a test

I've been adding pictures to my entries in this journal almost since the first day.  I think my online friend, Xib, told me about Photobucket.com.  You can store your pictures there for use in the journal.  For the uninitiated, the only way to include pictures in the body of your text in a journal is to have them stored online someplace, and Photobucket is free and fairly easy to use.  I've had no problem with them. 

However, AOL has a certain amount of space reserved for each member, called FTP space; and I felt that, since I'm an AOL member, I should be availing myself of "my" FTP space.  I found said space, all neat and tidy.  But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to place pictures there.  And if I had, I wouldn't have known how to put them in my journal.

I asked my good friend in J-land, Csandhollow, for instructions, as well as a new acquaintance, Bookncoffee.   Both were quick to respond with nearly-identical instructions.  In case someone else needs this information, I'm going to place both of them here.  Here's Celeste's version:

  1. Go to My FTP Space
  2. Click    See My FTP Space
  3. Click     Create Directory
  4. Type in   ( I type in month and year)
  5. Click continue
  6. Click red X
You should now be back on original page that you click create directory. Now
  1. Locate directory
  2. Click it open
  3. Click    upload
  4. Name the picture
  5. Click continue
  6. Click select file
  7. Locate file on your computer
  8. Click send
To place the picture in your journal
  1. Click the little camera for add pictures
  2. Type in      http://hometown.aol.com/mosie1944/directoryname/picturename/
  3. type ok

OK, now here's BooknCoffee's version:

Yes, I can tell you how.     Go to keyword and type in FTP.  And you will have a window come up that will have several options, one of which is "see my FTP space".  So click on that.   Then it will come up with a box and you will need to type in the name of what you want to name your file.  For example, if I have a picture of a little dog, I might call the file:      tinydog.jpg You need to make sure to call it the type of file it is....jpg, gif, etc.  Animated is usually "gif".   You will see a radio button and you will keep it at "binary graphics and programs" and hit continue.   Then You hit the "upload" button that you will see.   It will then bring up a box that will give you an option to "select file" ---click on it and it will bring up a box to let you select your file from your hard drive or other drives so you can select c drive or d drive - then you can select your file and then....   Hit the "send" button.  Then it will begin uploading your picture.   Once it is uploaded, I close out of ftp completely.  And then I call up the picture by going to (which you type in your browser):   http://members.aol.com/yourusername/yourfilename.jpg (or gif, etc.)   so like: http://members.aol.com/mosie1944/tinydog.jpg    You must type your file exactly like it is (case specific and file type specific---jpg, gif, etc.).  Then the picture comes up and you right click and copy it and then you paste it into your journal entry.  If you delete it from FTP it will delete it in your journal.  But I understnad that FTP has quite a bit of room and you can also use other screen names FTP space too.   VEry easy, but if no one tells you how, you'd never figure it out!  At least I wouldn't have!!!   Also, there are some links attached in my journal sections that links into journal help sites.   But hopefully this will help.   Many folks helped me and if you have trouble let me know and I'll try again!   Isn't journaling fun?   Sonya    

And now, I'm going to attempt this amazing feat with a picture I've included before:  Me and my husband after Church last Easter with former President Jimmy Carter and Ros.

As you can see, I'm going to need more tips.  But hey, isn't that a pretty little red X?  Don't worry, I'll eventually get it.  Meanwhile, I still have photobucket, which makes things a lot simpler:

Don't give up on me, Celeste and Sonya.  I'll get it yet.  (By the way, Cliff and I are both thirty pounds lighter now than we were in that photo.)


boodotte said...

OK Mo, I copied and emailed myself both sets of directions.  I have no clue what I just read, but maybe a better day for my pea brain will clear the mud.  Thanks for posting the directions.  I'm very tickled about doing pics at all, but would love to master the multiple and larger pics.  Joyce

csandhollow said...

I get the red x sometimes still. Ususaly itis because I typed in name wrong. Open up your ftp space and see if the picture is uploaded and get the correct spelling. It is also case sensitive, small letters must be small and capital must be capital. found that out the hard way.