Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Latest update on the knee

I think the orthopedist was rather surprised that I'd had such a problem getting the proper fit with my brace.  The salesman met me at the doctor's office with my "new and improved" (yeah, right) brace before my appointment, and supervised my putting it on; I wore it in for my appointment, and the doctor watched me walk with it and heard my story.  I really can't say whether it's helping or not, just now, but I intend to wear it during most of my waking hours this week if I can.  Anyway, I am scheduled for Orthroscopy at 8 AM Monday at a surgicenter.  They called and said that because I'm past 60, I must have an EKG prior to the operation.  So I'll get that Friday morning.  When I mentioned my perhaps being too knock-kneed for the brace to help me, the doctor said, "Well, you ARE more knock-kneed than the average bear."  She reminded me that orthroscopy might not help me at all, and listed all the dangers of the surgery (any surgery, really).  And after all the trouble with the brace, I must admit that I'm going into this procedure thinking it probably won't help a bit.  (Boy, I hate to admit that my feelings about it are that negative.)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow:  a Church of Christ in the town south of here has a yearly "ladies' day" and invites all the local women.  They usually have some cute skits, and they always feed us well.  I haven't gone in four years because I've been working, and it's Kohls' busy season this time of the year.  I'll just be glad to get out and about... and I imagine Cliff and the next-door twins will be glad to be rid of me for one day.

The weather here is STILL droopy and dreary.  They're promising a better weekend though.


ikoiko33 said...

What are you having done to your knee?  I tore my right ACL (antecruciate ligament) two years ago, and had to have surgery to replace it. I also had to have an EKG prior to my operation, but that is usually standard procedure with full anesthesia. Afterwards, I had to be custom fitted for a brace, and I'm still supposed to wear it when I go skiing and do anything that may screw up my knee again (but I don't, shame on me!!)


mosie1944 said...

Kasey, I'm not really sure; the doctor thinks there's ligament damage, so I guess she'll repair that.  My problem is mainly arthritis.  I could use a total knee replacement, but I'm trying to put it off for at least two years, so I can retire.

csandhollow said...

I have had an EKG before every surgery I have had. I do hope that the new fitting and the surgery helps. i will continue to pray for you.

barbpinion said...

I sure hope this surgery helps you. Isn't getting old the pits? Or, as my son tells me, "Mom you're not old, you're seasoned." Boy do I love that child.
It's dreary here too. Rainy and windy. *Barb*