Thursday, October 21, 2004

my persistant dog

When we first brought Mandy home as a small puppy, we agreed she was not to be a house dog; my husband has a real problem with animals in the house.  However, living as we do in the country where everyone lets their dogs and cats roam free, it presents a problem, because puppies have no idea of boundaries.  So if they see something tempting on the other side of the road, or another puppy next door, they'll go check it out.  I've suffered so much aggravation from other people's dogs killing chickens, pooping in my yard, and chasing my cattle that I did not want my dog causing this kind of grief for others.  So Cliff built Mandy a nice pen in the barn where we can put her when we leave.  Later we found out that even when we're outside with her, Mandy will invariably run next door, where a neighbor puts table scraps out for her own pets... and while she's there, she usually runs into their puppy and forgets to come home.  So, we bought a lead and stake to tie her outside sometimes.  However, it's no fun to have a dog if you can't enjoy them, so early on, I started letting her in the house.  Cliff's gone when I get home from work, and it's nice to have some company.  At Cliff's request, I kept her off the carpet, which means she can't go into the bedroom or living room.  At first she found a throw rug in the kitchen that she liked to lie on.  By her second day here, she understood she wasn't allowed in the carpeted rooms, and never entered them at all; she's a very bright dog and learns fast.

Soon, though, we noticed she'd lie down on her rug in the kitchen with only her head on the living room carpet.  Cliff said, "Oh well, that doesn't hurt anything."  (In all honesty, he'd rather she wasn't in the house at all, but he likes to see me happy.)

We'd never see her actually moving on into the living room or, later, the bedroom... but we'd notice that somehow she would creep in farther when we weren't looking, inch by inch, till not even the tip of her tail was left in the kitchen.  We'd holler "get back" and she would.  But within twenty minutes, you'd glance her way and she'd be at least halfway back into the living room! 

I took this picture a few minutes ago; she's sound asleep in the bedroom, just across the threshold from the kitchen.  You'll notice that she is 100% in the bedroom!  She is certainly persistant, isn't she?  And the thing is, it works.  We look at her and say, "Well, as long as she doesn't go any further...".

One of these days I fully expect to see her on the bed or couch, and we'll just sit and wonder how she got there.


whitedove3622 said...

We had a beagle once that never stepped foot in the living room. She would lay on the kitchen floor right up to the place where the living room carpet started but NEVER did she ever step foot in the other room. I am not sure how she learned to be that  obedient. Since then we have had other dogs that have had the run of the house. We somehow spoil our pets here as well as our children. Seems like you have a real nice dog there, they are company and are very loyal and loving.

csandhollow said...

That is funny! She took her rug with her!

barbpinion said...

Our dog was the same way. Gotta love em. Cute photo. *Barb*

bnanajm said...

Smart girl, that Mandy.  She's training you right.  LOL ROFL  Just like Jakie has trained me.

Love ya.


ksquester said...

Now how could you ever get mad at a sweet dog like that?  Hugs, Anne

bookncoffee said...

George and I really enjoyed this entry, having so many pets ourself!!!!

lmitc89854 said...

That is so funny and so true.