Sunday, October 24, 2004

AOL addiction

I bought a cheap computer to put in the bedroom for my grandchildren; that way, when they're here, they can do their stuff and not bother me (or my expensive Dell).  My seventeen-year-old granddaughter, Amber, has used it extensively on weekends.  My grandson, Brett, has downloaded and recorded music on it and made CDs.  Now, nine-year-old Monica has started watching AOL's punk-rock videos.

AOL isn't my main provider; I have cable.  But when I buy a new computer, I usually get some free AOL time.  This time, they got me hooked with these journals, so it looks like I'm here for awhile unless we get really hard-up for money.  My daughter hates AOL... thinks it's for dummies, etc.  She and her youngest daughter, Natalie, make a game of taking those free AOL discs they get in the mail to the trash as though they're poison... saying, "ewwww" all the way, barely touching them.

But now that I've shown Monica how to watch AOL music videos, she's addicted (in the words of one of her groups, Simple Plan: "I'm addic-, I'm addicted to you". 

Here are the contents of an instant message between my AOL-hating daughter and myself, this evening:

fierro6 [7:01 PM]:  Monica bitched at me for 10 minutes on the way home (until I pulled over and theatened to whip her butt) about the fact that I won't get AOL for her

Mosie1944 [7:02 PM]:  oops,  I'm so ashamed
fierro6 [7:02 PM]:  I told her "I'd rather have a virus on my machine than to load AOL" and she muttered (barely audible) "when I grow up I'm gonna have AOL on all my computers."
Mosie1944 [7:02 PM]:  LOL
fierro6 [7:03 PM]:  what day would be best for me to drop off her and her belongings?   ROFL
Mosie1944 [7:03 PM]:  ACK
fierro6 [7:03 PM]:  she's all better now, but MAN she was ticked
Mosie1944 [7:04 PM]:  poor underprivileged kid
fierro6 [7:04 PM]:  I finally convinced her of the fact that she totals about half an hour a week on our computer (life routine, etc.) and can be on yours a LOT on weekends, so she quit griping

My poor, poor granddaughter.  I guess she'll overcome this adversity, but it won't be easy.




ksquester said...

I LOVE it! I get so tired of people trying to convience me to change to another carrier. I love AOL and I plan on staying....the "dummy" that I am.  Good One! Anne

fierro6 said...

Oh SURE!  Post this in AOL land!  Get me in trouble for talking bad about this virus...errr, I mean program.

jadiak said...

AOL=Abnormally Obtuse Lusers?  WTG Fierro6!

plieck30 said...

I vote for AOL. Paula

csandhollow said...

AOL for me. I tried some of the others and I was disappointed. I know of quite a few with cable and others and they still use AOL.

boodotte said...

Poor, poor Monica.  Tell her come to chat anytime for a nice chat hug wrapper of comfort outta me.  And shame on Rachel!  (j/k).  Yes Mo, you're work is cut out trying to undo the trauma this child endures.  As for me, I will AOL all over the place!  I have cable also, as well as another server.  They are nothing to the entertainment, buttons, features and gadgets on my AOL.  And since you got me hooked on journals, there can never be any other place for me but AOL.  Give me AOL or give me the boot!