Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dwelling on the positive

Donna Wood
© copyright October 19, 2004

Folks ask how I'm doing, since my knees have let me down.
Well, I limp a little, but I still can get around;
So instead of thinking of the stiffness and the pain,
I dwell on the positive, and try not to complain.

Though I have been sidelined by arthritis in my knees,
I can ride my horse and hear the birds and feel the breeze.
Asked how I am feeling, I'll endeavor not to whine,
For ninety-five percent of me is getting by just fine.

Knees are just a fraction of my total body parts,
They don't have to interupt the song that's in my heart.
Misery is not a thing on which I like to dwell:
Ninety-five percent of me is doing very well.


barbpinion said...

Hello. Thanks for visiting my journal. Like yours very much. We have lots in common, except you're still a baby. lol I'm older than you. (68)
I don't own a horse any more but love them. I used to haver a Gibson, played it all the time. Love writing, songs, poems, stories. I'm impressed with this poem of yours. Made me smile. I'm way behind on journals but will be back. Have a great day. *Barb* http://journals.aol.com/HEYLETSTALK

alilcountrycharm said...

Loved It!