Saturday, October 9, 2004

A Poem written a couple of years ago

I thought of this old poem today, and figured perhaps some of you would be able to relate to it in one way or another.  It's interesting to note that the AOL chat room that inspired this poem is a thing of the past; but I think it applies to any chat room, message board, or group of people.


  June 7, 2002
Donna Wood

I’m older and I’m wiser since I found the Internet.
I've been three years in chat rooms, and I still have no regrets.
Alhough I’ve met some phonies and some people that pretend,
I wouldn’t take a million for my few close “cyber friends”,

When insults are delivered and the innuendoes fly,
I’ve learned to just ignore them and to let them pass me by,
For life is like a chat room:  although I've been often burned,
I thank God for the good times, and the many lessons learned.

Some folks hint for money. Some just want my sympathy.
Several are my dearest friends, while some look down on me.
I’ve seen people dying, and some hypochondriacs.
A few are loving to your face, then stab you in the back.

I’ve learned, in the chat room, how to closely guard my heart;
I've learned to not respond when they’re tearing me apart.
I don’t fret over hateful ones, and what they have to say:
These are lessons learned that I am using every day.

I learned in the chat room how to cope with testy folks.
I try and understand the ones that live by “different strokes”.
I’ve learned, no matter how I try, I can’t please everyone,
But if I have a few good friends, I know I'll have some fun.

So whether I’m at work, or Church, or walking on the street,
I never get too flustered by the folks I chance to meet.
I’ve seen enough to know that those old tables can be turned,
And I just smile and thank God for these chat room lessons learned!


bookncoffee said...

Hi.  Nice poem on chat room....I never really took to it.  I got on it a couple of times to see what it was about.  I always just enjoyed surfing the websites...until I found journaling.  

Hope you knee is doing better with the brace.  My hubby works at Gibson here in Nashville.  I noticed that you had a Gibson in your "about me" section.  

Our SS class just got thru with A Purpose Driven Life.  I think our whole town--those that go to church--- has been through it.  It is very good.  I wish I'd bought the journal that goes along with it.

Anyway, have a nice weekend.
Sonya (MySouthernHome)

megzie212 said...

Hi there, your Country Life sounds really neat. I love horses too, but I dont live on a farm, I live by the shore in NJ. LOL, but still horses are great animals :-) Id really enjoy living on a farm like yours for a little bit, just to get a taste of it! ITs great that you made a journal, and its coming along really well. Well, drop me a line sometime! Take care! =)
-Meg from Friendship Loyalty and Love <3

mlrhjeh said...

Congrats on being  pick this week.
My daughter and her family live in Nixa, Missouri.

How did you injure your knee? I hope it heals soon.

I have enjoyed reading your entries.

Mary Louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear

memphislove said...

I enjoyed reading your journal.

disq54 said...

You have a great journal. I really enjoyed reading it.

outdoorgal25 said...

I am so glad you shared your poem, I just happened to click on your journal because it said my country life, being from Montana I can relate..Also to the great Missouri. Which flows through my home town in Great Falls.  Lots of people on the river there!!  Congrats on makin the top picks, and even more on lovin life.  
God bless