Thursday, October 21, 2004

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment

Assignment:  What gone, but not forgotten, TV series do you miss the most?

How can you beat I Love Lucy?  I've seen every episode at least 200 times, and I still laugh at the Vitametavegemin episode, or the candy factory one, or the grape-stomping... oh well, they're all great.

Extra Credit:  If you had to be on a game show or reality show, which one would it be?

I suppose, given those choices, it would have to be a reality show, because I stink at competitive games of any kind.  I play Scrabble online with a friend, and maybe one time in ten I win... and even then, she may be taking pity on me!  Plus, I never enjoyed watching game shows on TV.



barbpinion said...

I choose I Love Lucy too. We still watch reruns.
Extra credit...Reality Show.  "The Survivors."Lol  Wouldn't last long but would have fun trying. *Barb*

fierro6 said...

Mom, your reality show would be called "The Point", and the winner would be the person who could do what you do, do what dad does, and still have time to keep an online journal! The loser would be the first person to log on to your computer while you're home.  Heck, I've almost lost my life doing that, and I'm your DAUGHTER!

toonguykc said...

"Mary Tyler Moore".  I miss those characters so much sometimes.  I'll never forget the final episode when Lou Grant said "I treasure you people!".  Me too, Lou.  Me too.  "Lucy" leaves me pretty cold.  She was just so annoying and would probably be prescribed some heavy-duty mental pills in this day and age.  

I'd totally go for the game show option.  I've always dreamed of making a small fortune of "Wheel of Fortune".  

bookncoffee said...

Oh, guess what!  Our PreTeen has decided to be Lucy for Halloween.  Expensive little outfit.  Momma paid for the wig!  It's going to be cute and I will post a pic in my journal either Halloween or day after!!!