Monday, October 18, 2004

Pig Poem

© copyright October 18, 2004
Donna Wood  

Some folks think it's awful if you raise a pig for meat.
Me, I'd rather get to know the creatures that I eat.
To know they've had a pleasant life enhances every meal.
(Someone's cow contributed your roast or steak or veal.)

The burger at McDonald's once ate grass and walked and mooed;
Though you never met him, someone's cow is now your food.
The sausage in your gravy once was suckling from a sow,
A happy little porker:  But you're glad to eat him, now!

Maybe I'm too honest; but to face reality
Acknowledging the fact that some poor creature died for me,
Is nobler than to block it from our consciences somehow
And eat our steak, pretending that it never was a cow.

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csandhollow said...

i like the peom!!!