Thursday, October 28, 2004


For almost two days, I wondered why the doctor bothered to give me Vicodin, since I hardly had any pain from the surgery.  Yesterday evening, I found out why!  As my husband said, why would I have to be off work for eight weeks if it were as simple and pain-free as all that?  Anyhow, about bedtime last night my knee decided to let me know that it had been invaded, however minimally; and I was delighted to take not only two Vicodins, but an Ibuprofin to boot!

Today wasn't bad, but as evening approaches, I can tell I'll be needing something for pain again.  That got me thinking about how pain always seems to increase at night:

© copyright October 28, 2004
Donna Wood

I have often thought it odd
How we'll drop our brave facade;
Once the sun is set and gone,
Then we'll drop our guard till dawn.
Even if it's just the flu,
Darkness gets the best of you,
Sneering at you, in your plight:
Everything hurts worse at night.

I've outlived some broken hearts,
Overcome, and made new starts.
I've seen loved ones slip away
And lived to smile another day.
Yet, when darkness comes around,
Tears can fall again, I've found.
Even knowing I'm all right,
Everything hurts worse at night.

Fevers rise when darkness falls;
Cruelty chafes; injustice galls.
Boils and blisters pulsate red
And throb with pain when you're in bed.
Long-forgotten memories ache
That you'd prayed the Lord to take.
Oh, hang on till morning's light!
Everything hurts worse at night.


ksquester said...

Thank Goodness, Somebody at the surgery center told me that the 3rd day is the day the pain sets in. This must be universal no matter what kind of surgery you have. The trick is this: stay ahead of the pain. Take the pain meds as directed for a few days. I had major sinus surgery a few years ago and didn't pay attention to that warning, until the 3rd day. Here's hoping it won't be a Hard Day's to speak. Hang in there and give the horse and dog a kiss for me.  Anne

bookncoffee said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.