Friday, October 1, 2004

Back on the point

Cliff's been trying to walk at least three days a week, trying to get in shape.  He and I used to walk three to four miles a day together, and it was a good bonding time.  We've walked off and on for exercise since 1980.  But with my knee pain, there's no way I can accompany him now.  Of course, I'm usually at work anyhow, but I'm sidelined at present.  I hate to see him head off down the road alone.  Yesterday I found the remedy for this problem.  I quickly tossed the saddle on Blue and caught up with Cliff.  I'd ride ahead and then ride back... let Blue graze a bit... visit with Cliff, etc.  And on our return, I pulled in behind Cliff with Blue's head just behind his left shoulder, and we followed him all the way.  I love that horse (and my husband too, of course).

Yesterday evening I went back to "the point".  I don't know why we call that area of our pasture by that name, but it's where I take my quilt and my dog and just soak in the peace-and-quiet.  You can look down over the river bottom from there and see where I often ride Blue.

If you can make out the green strip in the middle of the golden field of ready-to-harvest corn, that's the levee along which I ride so often.  The hills in the distance are on the other side of the Missouri River.

I took books, as usual.  And I remembered to take Mandy's Frisbee.  She's doing pretty well carrying it back to me; I'm working on getting her to drop it when she reaches me, though.  She'd rather have a tug-of-war... it's much more fun for her. 

After all her exploring the edges of the woods and chasing the Frisbee, she was pooped.  Next time I go, I'll remember to take a drink for her.  Doesn't she look thirsty?




bnanajm said...

I love to see your beautiful country and envy the peace you find there.  I was looking at Mandy's markings and she has a beautiful coat.  The more I look at her, the more I believe Sandy's dog is part Mandy's breed.


madmanadhd said...

What an excellent idea to continue your tradition of walking with Cliff. My wife and I enjoy evening walks and it is an excellent way to make the world slow down so we can find each other in all the mayhem. Such beautiful country out your way. My sister and brother-in-law have a dog with similar markings like Mandy. He also loves long walks and frisbee-hunting.

plieck30 said...

Yes walking together can be such good bonding time. When my husband was alive we walked every night for 45 minutes no matter how hot or cold it was. It is good memories as I can barely walk around the block now because of swollen ankles. Paula