Tuesday, October 26, 2004

getting along

I've spent six years on the Internet, and I've seen some wild confrontations and squabbles in chat rooms and on message boards.  I've been stuck in the middle of one or two; but thank God I finally chose not to join in on the stupidity.  A hint of old troubles cropped up on my favorite message board yesterday, and in the midst of that, one very savvy Iowa lady offered this bit of wisdom:  "... and you don't have to go to every battle you are invited to either."

This inspired my daily poem (I do try for one every day) which I'm sharing with my readers here.

© copyright October 26, 2004
Donna Wood

Invited to the battlefield, I did not choose to go:
I have much better things to do than wrestle with a foe
Who hangs on to the rotting past and relishes a fight
While most of us no longer even care who's wrong or right.

Invited to the battlefield, I choose to take my ease.
I have no no tastes or appetites that fighting will appease.
So I will keep my distance and politely watch the show:
I have my invitation, but I do not choose to go.



csandhollow said...

I don't blame you.
How is the knee today?

ksquester said...

Liked your poem. I often ask myself, do you want peace or do you want to be right? Peace is always the best solution, isn't it? Glad your knee is healiing.  Anne

barbpinion said...

I'd rather not get into the  stupidity of the chat room squabbles and message boards. too much of it. Love the poem. Thanks for sharing it. *Barb*