Monday, October 18, 2004

Whoa!!!!! I'm on Google

Go to, type in "My Country Life", and watch this journal show up, about the 4th one down the page.  WOW!  And if you type in my screen name, I'm the ONLY one that comes up.


lonamay said...

wow mo,, i tried it and sure enough.. there you were!!!! cute pigs but i probably would have to be like your granddaughter,, if i saw them .. could not eat them..

sam7md2 said...

Yep, sure enough, you're right there on, Mo.  Took the pigs too long to download for me to see them, but I'm going back in a few minutes to look at t hem.  But, seeing them won't stop me from eating pork.  I love "the other white meat".  Enjoying your poems again and your journal.  God bless.  Sam.