Friday, October 29, 2004

My checkered life

Back when my two children were small and we lived on our twenty-acre farm in a run-down shanty, I looked forward to any kind of outing, even a trip to the grocery store.  I've never had a driver's license, so I was in the boonies all week long with nobody to talk to but my babies and my husband.  I have a rather melancholy nature at best, and I recall changing diaper after diaper, rocking a child and singing lullabyes, baby-talking while pretending a spoon was an airplane and the child's mouth was the hanger... thinking to myself, "Is this all there is?  Is this how my life will be forever?"

Little did I know the time would come when I'd long to go back, just for a minute, and hold one of my babies in my arms.  The time seemed to be crawling back then, but in retrospect, it went so fast!  I was caught up in the humdrum routine and didn't even realize how precious those times were.   If I had,  I'd have kept more journals, taken more pictures.

The present is all any of us have.  Whatever stage of life we're in, it needs to be explored and enjoyed for all it's worth.  Because later on, we'll wish we had. 

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."  John Lennon     

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bookncoffee said...

Yep, we need to smell the roses!!!!