Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Congratulate me!  This is the first time I actually downloaded a picture from my AOL FTP space.  I figured out what I was doing wrong before, too.  I have no problem using Photobucket, but I have a feeling they'll start charging a fee one of these days.  Thank you Celeste and others, for guiding me in the right direction to use my FTP space.

What you see in the picture is a cup and saucer my maternal grandfather bought as a gift for Grandma the year they were married, 1909.  The flowers on it are raised, and the words say, "Forget me not".  I doubt that it's worth much to anyone else; it's chipped and scratched.  But I love having it, knowing the story behind it.

Today when I took Blue over to the grass, he decided to chase the cows he's been grazing beside all summer long.  So now he's been dis-fellowshiped (a good old Church-of-Christ word) from the cattle.  He didn't mean any harm... he was only having fun.  But it scared the cows to death, and they are liable to run into a fence or ditch and hurt themselves running like that.

The man who has been working with getting my brace functional called and said they have the new one made, and he is positive it will work for me; according to him, they had the pressure on the wrong side of my knee.  I certainly hope he's right!  I'll keep you readers posted.  Tomorrow is my appointment with the specialist, and I intend to schedule the orthroscopy then. 


ksquester said...

I am so glad you will be getting a properly fitting brace. Even when they fit properly, they are something to contend with, aren't they? Hang in there and keep riding Blue. Hugs, Anne

barbpinion said...

Hello, and I do congratulate you. I recall how joyful I was when I learned how to use FTP. Love the cup and saucer. What a precious thing to have in your possession. I can only imagine how bright the smile when the grandmother received this gift.  Thanks for sharing it. *Barb*