Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Town's Fair

In the back seat of this ride, you'll see two of my granddaughters, Monica and Lyndsay, enjoying our local fair.

Our little town (population 780) always had their fair the weekend after Labor Day.  It's as much a reunion as a fair:  People of all ages come "home", hoping to see old schoolmates and friends; and usually they see plenty of them.  However, with the passage of time, there's less and less interest in this annual event, in a town that has become little more than a bedroom community for Kansas City.  Therefore, the carnival that has always been a part of this annual event was losing money, and requested that we hold the fair a month later, in October; otherwise, we'd have a fair with no rides for the kiddies.

People don't like change, and there was plenty of grumbling; but there really was no alternative, so the time of the fair was switched.  This worked out well for my son, though.  He comes to visit us at the time of the big races at Kansas Speedway, and he hadn't been to our fair for about twenty years.  He got to see several friends from his childhood and teen years.

There was a car show, and Cliff's brother entered his prize classic car.  Here you see Monica, Cliff (my husband), Natalie, and my daughter, Rachel, with Phil's car behind them.  Obviously Monica wanted the world to see that she was eating cotton candy.

That's my granddaughter, Amber (who spends most every weekend here); her best friend (also named Amber); and two of my son's step-daughters at the fair... they're the ones who had fun seeing how fast my horse, Blue, would run. 


There's my little Georgia peach, Lyndsay.  I don't know who the girl on the right is; she just wanted a companion for the ride, I think, so her mom put her beside my granddaughter.

The fair really set off our weekend of family fun, and the weather was pleasant both Saturday and Sunday. 


csandhollow said...

Looks to me like you had loads of fun!

ksquester said...

Great Pictures and good entry. I love the look on the childrens faces.  Anne

bnanajm said...

Oh Mosie, when I move South I'll get to meet all these wonderful people and their kids.  I can't wait.


plieck30 said...

Lots of pretty girls in your family. Got some in mine too. Paula