Sunday, October 17, 2004

Consider the Lilies

While passing the time in a cow-pasture near Jefferson City yesterday, looking for a good picture of autumn foliage, I spotted a lonely wildflower.  I took a picture (it's my desktop for today) and was inspired to write today's poem.

© copyright October 17, 2004
Donna Wood

"Why take ye thought for raiment?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin."
Matthew 6:28

Autumn flower, blooming as though winter won't arrive...
Don't you know, a month from now, you will not be alive?
Surely you have noticed how the nights are long and chill.
See the changing colors of the trees on yonder hill?

Yet you bloom whole-heartedly where few will ever see
Such display of beauty; there's a lesson here for me
To bloom where I am planted, with my heart and mind and soul:
If life ends tomorrow, I'll have filled my proper role.

 Jesus said to watch the little flowers, how they grow,
Clothed in lovely raiment, though they neither spin nor sow.
I'll pass on the lesson this October bloom gave me,
Granting her a tiny bit of immortality.




plieck30 said...

Wonderful poem. I am always amazed when I see a lone flower (weed) blooming in the pasture or field. Paula

toonguykc said...

Great writing!  I remember my childhood  -- when I'd spend hours walking through my pa's cattle pastures.  I saw so many beautiful things that influenced the way I think and see.  One of my favorite moments was when I rode my little stingray bike over a steep hill and wiped out.  As I was lying on the ground -- I looked up to see about a hundred white butterflies (moths?) flying up from the creek mud where they were trying to get some moisture.  I can still see it now.  I can still feel the ache in my butt as I just watched that flock of beauty soar over me.