Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Our swimming pool solution

A few weeks ago, with temperatures soaring, I asked my readers' opinions about the blue inflatable swimming pools.  Cliff came up with a perfect solution, one I didn't throw in the mix because I hadn't heard about the option.

Our next-door neighbor, David, who works with Cliff, has a nice, in-ground pool that, honestly, doesn't seem to get a lot of use  It was mid-July or after when he got it ready for use this year.  He's an easy-going sort of guy, and Cliff asked him if he'd care if we took the girls over there to swim on occasion.  No problem, he said.

Sunday there seemed to be nobody around, so Cliff and I joined the girls in the pool.

Yesterday, with temps in the mid-nineties, the girls swam again.  I watched them for a half-hour, then Cliff took a turn supervising; so they had an hour in the water.

Speaking of temperatures, it's supposed to be near 100 the rest of the week, including the time the girls and I are at the fair.  I'd better write Gatorade on my shopping list!



whitedove3622 said...

How nice... it looks like a really big pool. Glad the girls had fun. Pools are great but they are expensive to build and to maintain, and they are not used all that much if you live in a seasonal part of the country. Best is to have a neighbor who has one LOL

cyandfayedavis said...

That "exercise" looks like swimming lessons to me.  Can the girls swim?  Can you swim?  I learned to float at age 11 but not swim...Now I know I'll never swim....no opportunity and no time.

I think the neighbor's pool is a wonderful idea.  Maybe next year he could use a little "help" getting it ready earlier.  You know how some jobs just need a friendly neighbor to motivate you to get going.

ryanagi said...

Hmm. That water looks a little green...looks like an algae bloom. I think your neighbor needs to shock the pool. :-)

csandhollow said...

We have one of those blue ones. It has an air leak in it. I have to inflaete the ring every day =( Good idea about asking the neighbor!

bookncoffee said...

What a wonderful solution regarding the pool.  Nice neighbor.