Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday photo shoot

Once more, John has given us a photo assignmentI must say, this one is the most fun of any I've ever done.  If only my granddaughters could take a picture without blurring it.  But I'm sure you get the idea.  

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

For this week's Photo Shoot, I thought we might have some fun with catharsis:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap a picture of yourself having a nice, cleansing yell. Yelling about what? Oh, I don't know. Maybe your boss drives you nuts. Maybe your computer isn't downloading that video file fast enough. Maybe your car appears to be trying to figure out which of sixty seven different ways it should break down in. Maybe your kids want tattoos -- on their faces. Maybe your Journal was glitchy this morning. Or maybe you just really like bellowing. Really, it's all the same to me. Just get it on camera, load it up on your Journal or Blog, and leave a link. You'll feel better. We'll all feel better.

(You don't actually have to yell, incidentally. Just look like it. Really, how will I know?)

If you'd like to play, just take your yelling picture, put it in your blog, and go to John's entry and leave the link so we can all see it.

Thanks John!!!  I feel MUCH better now.


amy122389 said...

OK, these had me ROFL.....  and are you wearing a SWEATSHIRT?!  You lucky one, you!  :)


rjet33 said...

Oh that is just too cute!!!!

robinngabster said...

You are a HOOT! I love the pics, what a great idea!!!!!   Thanks for making me smile! Robin

dragonrose3911 said...

Oh i Love the pics. Looks like you had fun.

fierrorachel said...

I can't tell you how many times I've worried, looking at a set of pics before reading the entry.  All I could think was, "what in the HECK is going on with Mom and my girls today?"  Then I read the entry.  Too funny.

ryanagi said...

LOL!!! Good ones!

healthygene said...

   Thanks for sharing your life.  SURE is wonderful for us OLD FOLKS that can not do it anymore.

YOU have such a blessing to be bable to sue the files like you do.

RVGENIE  of Penna.