Wednesday, August 24, 2005

bargains, home upkeep, and other ramblings

Yesterday I went with Cliff to get a tailpipe put on our old gas-hog pickup (ten to 12 miles per gallon).  While this was being done, I perused the Kansas City Star to kill time, reading random articles aloud to Cliff:  "Kansas Teen Kills Mother"; "Lexington Bridge Demolition Begins today"; oh, and an interesting story of two Iowa women who were in town for a country music concert and ended up getting chased by a gunman demanding they give him their Lexus.

Having read all the interesting stuff, I started looking through Kohls' sale insert, and saw an incredible bargain!  The XXL George Foreman Grill (I have a small Foreman grill) for $59... and then they GIVE you a free microwave!  What a buy!  I actually convinced Cliff of this, and he said we might drive into KC today and take advantage of the offer, good for one day only.

I do love burgers made in the Foreman Grill; five minutes and they're done.  However, in the cold light of dawn, I realized (a) It would just be another appliance to store or sit around on my counter (b) I'm not in THAT big a hurry to get a hamburger cooked, and (c) I already have a perfectly good microwave. 

It's a good thing I came to this conclusion, because I believe we'll be needing that money to have our septic tank pumped out; there are strange things going on in my bathroom.  Cliff doesn't know about it yet, but I woke up thinking about it at 4 AM, which of course prevented my going back to sleep.  I wanted so badly to wake him up and tell him, just because I always feel better if he worries with me; but then there'd have been two of us unable to sleep.  No sense in that.  It isn't that expensive a thing to have done, it's just a pain to remove the top and have it emptied.  Oh well, it's been awhile since I've seen David, the septic tank guy.  His daughter and mine used to be best friends, and rode horses together in 4H.     

Perhaps you've noticed I haven't mentioned riding lately.  Here's why:  For some reason, Blue's hooves quit growing like they should, are chipping something awful, and will hardly hold a shoe on.  I now havehim on a special hoof supplement and two packets a day of Knox gelatin, as the farrier recommended.  He's coming today to replace a shoe Blue lost, and we'll see if all this is doing any good yet. 


marainey1 said...

I'm like you - I see those sales and then I think 'What do I really need that for' - there is always something that needs fixing when you own a house...and mine takes any extra $$$ I have .  Hope Blue heals soon - I know you miss the riding.  'On Ya'  - ma

heyuno said...

oh, those are microwaves left over from the Dorm sale.  I think I might of droped a couple of microwaves, thats why they are FREE.....LOL

fierrorachel said...

your daughter needs a new microwave real bad.  Let me know next time a deal like that comes along.  I would've paid part of the grill price for a new micro....if it wasn't for the electrical crap going on around here.  Bah Humbug.