Wednesday, August 3, 2005

the start of another day

It's amazing how much farm ground in this county is being taken up by housing.  That house you see in the first picture is smack-dab in the middle of a soybean field.  It was about six A.M. when I rode by, and two people were on the roof, trying to beat the heat, no doubt.  It's supposed to reach 97 degrees today.

I guess Tyler is the designated twin helper today.  Travis and Tyler, although identical twins, are very competitive with one another; so these days, one helps Cliff while the other stays away.  Just as I think Travis is the only one coming over, they'll pull a switch-a-roo and Tyler is present for a few days.

The big David Brown tractor in these pictures was made in England.  To me it's an ugly monstrosity, but Cliff loves it.  He'd sell it, if only someone would pay three times what it's worth.  (I thought I'd throw in a bit of sarcasm.)  He used it recently to pull the disc, preparing a seedbed for alfalfa we're going to plant for hay.

That in-ground waterer is going to be great.  That black flap on the front is supposed to hang down and keep the sun from making algae grow in the water, but Cliff wired it up so the horses could discover their drinking water.  They all use it just fine now.  Old Crook never would drink there:  just one more reason he needed to leave.


firestormkids04 said...

What a wonderful morning!  The countryside is so beautiful.  Blessings to all, Penny

thebezar11967 said...

Just a FYI: the house being built in the middle of the field is Arby Todd's and his wife.

whitedove3622 said...

So glad my picture part of aol is working, can enlarge the photos you send now. Love todays pictures of Cliff and the twins working or is it at least one twin? looked like a perfect day for you today Mo.

plieck30 said...

Its that way here too. People are selling their acreage. The country is moving farther and farther out. Makes me sad. John's old David Brown finally got pulled up by the farm house and there it sits. His son says he is going to buy it. Paula

wellnap922 said...

As you already know that house  belongs to me.  The land that it is being built on has been in my family for over half a century and then some.  I grew up in the farm house across 24 HWY from were I am building.  My wife grew up on the farm to the northwest of were we are building.  From the time my wife and I were 12 years old we used to run across that very field to see eachother.  I only found it reasonable to purchase the land from a family member to keep it intact.  I grew up in the area moved away for a couple of years only to have a calling to come back to the community that I love.  I plan to raise my children in very same area where my wife and grew up and fell in love.  I agree that countrysides are disappearing.  I am not and will not allow a residential area to fall on my land.  Thank you for the oppurtunity to add my comment.  Arby Todd