Monday, August 15, 2005

Our Friday at the fair (Ride Day)

Friday at the fair is the day the kids always look forward to:  I go to Lowe's in July and buy a ticket for a wristband giving unlimited rides.  For three of us, that's $60.  Every year I wonder if I should forget buying one for myself; I really don't enjoy rides that much any more. 

Since the midway doesn't open until noon, we had plenty of time to see some other things.  We caught the Grizzly Falls bear show and went to the petting zoo, after a stroll through the machinery.

Shortly after 11 AM, we went to the camper for a lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and rested for awhile.  Then on to the rides!

We rode, and rode, and rode.  I abstained from some of the things the girls enjoyed.  Around 5:30, I was getting hungry, and really didn't want to go all the way back to the camper and eat.  So I decided to quit being a miser.  We ate in one of the food tents.  It turned out to be a high spot for the girls, because the HoneyBear Dancers came in to get hamburgers while we were there... and they remembered Monica and Natalie!  One of them asked, "How was ride day," remembering what the girls had told them at the previous day's show.

Then we went back for more rides.  Sigh.  Around 7 PM, I said, "Aren't you girls getting tired?  Don't you think we should go back to the camper?"

Fat chance.  But then nature intervened.  A storm was approaching, and the rides had to shut down for safety's sake.  By the time we got back to the camper, the rain was coming down, and thunder and lightning were all around, close.  Monica, as she reminded me, is afraid of thunder.  She burrowed deep under her pillow and sleeping bag, whimpering.

I sang "Amazing Grace" and "There Shall Be Showers of Blessing".  When I'd stop, they'd ask me to sing something else.  A wind was blowing so hard I wondered if the camper would stand up to it.  Then it abated somewhat, and the lightning and thunder weren't so close.

Monica still cowered on the bed.  I was getting tired of singing, and made this remark:  "When I was a little girl, I'd have been out playing in the rain right now."

"Can we?"  This from Natalie.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Noooooo," Monica said weakly.

But Natalie and I went out.  I sat under the awning in my comfortable lawn chair, and Natalie stomped, squealed and giggled in the rain.  Monica, not wanting to be alone inside, came out and watched for awhile.  It took ten minutes or so, but before you know it she was splashing and playing in the pouring-down rain alongside her sister, stomping in puddles and having a blast... oblivious to the distant lightning and thunder.

They must have kept at it for an hour or more, until I finally sent them to the showers.  This night, they slept soundly.  And so did I.

I'm glad I had the privilege of teaching them that it's OK to play in the rain.



amy122389 said...

hee hee hee....fresh puddles are the best!  I love rain....  :)


starstarj said...

That brings back wonderful memories.  My sisters and I always played in the rain.  Oh what fun!

ksquester said...

sounds like a blast. I admire you for riding the rides....even though they are the kiddie rides. Makes me want to go to the state fair again.   Anne

bookncoffee said...

Oh, what wonderful memories you are creating for these girls....and for you too.
Sounds wonderful....
I would have had my head burried too.  I would have been scared of the storm.  The wind is what I'm afraid of.
I really have to work at letting God be in control.

tendernoggle said...

This entry brings back so many memories to know, I use to LOVE to play in the rain when I was little...I am so glad your grandchildren got to with you!!! You are an Amazing woman Mosie!

plieck30 said...

You just don't see kids playing in the rain anymore. My sister and I looked forward to it and swimming in mud puddles. There was some big ones back then. lol Paula

toonguykc said...

Playing in the rain...I STILL do that from time to time!  I think anybody farm chromosomes has a need for it.


cyandfayedavis said...

This entry brings tears to my eyes...What a wonderful privilege these girls have...Can I be a grandchild?  The planning you put into this is outstanding.

gaboatman said...

How nice of the dancers to remember the girls and speak to them.  It sounds like ride day was a hit with the girls.  It's nice that you encourage them to still be girls while they can.  Playing in the rain was always fun when I was a kid.

skisseberth said...

What awesome memories you have made with the girls ! So much fun !

ryanagi said...

You are the coolest grandma! I know I've said it before. My grandmother's were both "old ladies" by my earliest memories. They weren't really that old...they just acted that way. It's a shame, really.

firestormkids04 said...

Loved the pictures and your day!  I remember playing in the rain myself.  I'm glad the girls enjoyed it.  Love, Penny

lurkynat said...

Dear Mosie,
I love that photo!
Youare sooo nice to those kids!
yours, natalie