Monday, August 29, 2005

Cliff got his motorcycle license today!

I didn't know Cliff when he had the Harley.  He bought his second motorcycle (in picture number 2) from my cousin, who was getting a bigger one.  The trouble with the second one was, a 350 CC motorcycle isn't big enough to haul two big people around.  So it wasn't long before we became the proud owners of a new 750 Honda.  At that time, all our friends had motorcycles, and we had some fun times riding as a group.  The problem was that we had to get a babysitter in order to ride.  You can't go far with two kids squeezed in between two adults.  The babysitter was always my mom, and my conscience wouldn't let me take advantage of her often. 

Cliff still had the 750 when we moved here in 1975, but he didn't ride it much any more.  It's always too hot, or too cold, or there's rain in the forecast.  So he ended up selling it. 

Ever since our kids grew up and left home, we have thought it would be nice to find a good old used bike just to take out on short trips... you know, maybe out to eat nearby, or visit Cliff's brother or sister, both of whom live within thirty miles of our house. 

But something else always takes priority.  Cliff's John Deere, or a horse.  Or my Dove guitar, or a machinery shed.

Cliff's sister and her husband recently bought a Harley, and they are on that thing constantly in their spare time.  It's great to see them enjoying it.  This past weekend they put over 650 miles on it. 

Now, I have no desire to go 650 miles on a motorcycle, believe it.

However, in a couple of weeks, the nearby Harley-Davidson manuafacturing plant is having a day when anyone with a motorcycle license can come in and ride any of several bikes there.  And you can also tour the plant.  All you need is a motorcycle license.  Cliff let his go, several years ago.

Today his sister's husband came over on his Harley, let Cliff tool it around the local park to make sure he could handle it, and then drove it to the nearest town with a license bureau.  Cliff  passed his test!  We'll have a field day soon.

Oh, one other incentive for him to get his license:  He found out you can rent a motorcycle for the weekend, for $150.  Why buy one (those Harleys are awfully expensive) when you can get it all out of your system that cheaply?

There is a risk here:  The reason the Harley people let any Tom, Dick and Harry ride these brand new bikes is this:  They know a certain percentage of people will want to buy one, after trying it out.  Since I recently quit work, there is no room in our budget for a new Harley.  The worst that could happen is, we'll start once again searching for an old, reliable motorcycle for under $1,000.  There are several on Ebay right now.

Yep, that's the worst that could happen.

And I don't think we'll do that.


(Methinks she doth protest too much.)


memes121 said...

Someone wise once said (actually I said it but I'm forty so I can say I'm wise) life is too short not to enjoy it. Because one of these days, it will be too late and all you will have is regrets. Go. Ride. Live!

ksquester said...

Methinks she does too..........................ha....Happy Trials Mo.   Anne

ryanagi said...

Well...look at it this way. Motocycles get GREAT gas mileage. It could pay for itself in gas savings in no time!

cyandfayedavis said...

Man if you still had that first Harley....What would it be worth today???

fierrorachel said...

Anne said:
Methinks she does too..........................ha....Happy Trials Mo.   Anne
Comment from ksquester - 8/29/05 6:28 PM

I know it's a typo, but...happy trials?  ROFL!  Too funny.  I hope there are no trials along your trails!

ksquester said...

Tell Rachel, I fired my proof reader, but they are hard to comeby.  (It was a good one though, wasn't it!)   Anne

tendernoggle said...

Me thinks she doth too...........please, please, please, wear a helmet!!!!
love ya,

skisseberth said...

What a GREAT way to save on gasoline !! :)

csandhollow said...

Pat is seriously thinking of getting a bike too. He had several when he was younger.  Harley would be nice but wayyyyyyy out of our pocketbooks. I like the GoldWing too.I want a comfy seat lol.

etdanley said...

I totally agree with memes121.  This spring my husband desperately wanted a Harley.  I was totally against it even though I used to ride all the time with my first husband.  I guess I've gotten older and scared.  Anyway, he talked me into it by telling me about all the places we could go on weekend trips.  That sounded very enticing.  I believe the main thing he said was almost identical to the comment by memes121.  Life is short.  You need to have fun while you can or you will regret it someday.  We are the proud owners of a 2004 HD Road King Police.  Ditto memes121, GO!  RIDE!  LIVE!  Oh, and remember to always look twice.  Save a life.  Bikes are everywhere and one might be us.