Sunday, August 21, 2005

a nice day

Cliff and I picked up the two granddaughters in town this morning, and went to early church.  But first, we had BLT's, done a different way.  When my daughter and I met Toonguy at The Peanut, in Kansas City, we had BLT's that were grilled, with melted cheese on them; and I wanted to try and duplicate that.  Actually I think I did pretty well.

After Church, I got a call from an Internet friend from one of my message boards who was in Kansas City with the VFW, and I gave him directions to my place.  Then I started dinner (Tater Tot Casserole). 

My daughter is using our clothes dryer until they get their electrical problem fixed. so they were here for lunch, and most of the afternoon... waiting for clothes to dry.

My oldest grandson, Arick, was here with my favorite grand-dog, Dixie, to use Cliff's facilities (the shop and the garage).  He's painting a stripe onto his car.  His friend Lee was here too.

All the neighborhood boys were here at various times, although I didn't get them all in the pictures.

Then Cliff's sister and her (hilarious) husband came, and had me in stitches for over an hour.

It's been a good day.


tendernoggle said...

Don't you just love people that  can make you have a good  laugh??!!
Sure makes a great day, huh?
love ya,

toonguykc said...

It's nice to hear you had a great day!!  Try using shredded cheddar on the BLT's next time.  That probably melts faster from the heat of the bacon.

cyandfayedavis said...

Sounds sooooo good.  It's great to have people in and out all day.  Life is never boring.  It's wonderful that you have the space to handle all that.  Cliff's shop sure is neat.  

gaboatman said...

What a nice day it sounds like.  Cliff's shop is so large, but then I remember he works on tractors in there so it has to be.  It's nice he lets the boys use the facilities.  I think it's neat when you have a relaxing day with good friends and family dropping in from time to time to spice things up a bit.