Monday, August 1, 2005

meet Snickers

Our neighbor, David, has had Snickers perhaps ten years.  He's pastured her on our property for ages, except for the last couple of years, when he kept her at his dad's place.  I always despised her, because she wouldn't let me get near her.  It didn't matter if I had a can of feed or a treat in my hand, she ran when I approached her.  What a useless horse!

I was disappointed when Cliff said David was bringing Snickers home.  It only got worse when she arrived, and I found out she made all the other horses run when anyone approached them.  I called her some names that normally don't pass my lips.  She was ruining the other horses, and I could have killed her.

Cliff let me know Snickers WAS staying, so I decided to approach the problem another way.  When I first got Blue, he ran whenever he saw me coming with the halter and rope.  Thanks to Mark Rashid, I got him past that problem.  What worked for Blue, I figured, might work on this mare that I hated with a passion.

The pictures tell the story.  She still has some room for improvement, but in two days time, it's amazing what a difference there is in her.

I think I may ride her before long.  Cliff told David this, and he said it's OK... only he says she gets pretty wired-up.  Hey, I've been thrown and fallen on by one horse, what have I got to lose?

Funny thing, I don't quite hate Snickers as much tonight.


cyandfayedavis said...

I have full confidence you will be riding her very soon.  Your love for horses will surely override your dislike for this one.  She might as well give up.....she can't win.

ksquester said...

I always knew you were a horse wisperer!   Anne

madcobug said...

She is a beautiful horse. Hope thing work out for you. Helen

bookncoffee said...

Please be careful.  You scare me out there sometimes. At least pray before you get on the thing!

tendernoggle said...

I have faith that if anyone can ride her, it will be YOU Mosie!!! But please be careful!!! I love the way you love your animals!!!
She is a beautiful horse...
love ya,