Sunday, August 14, 2005

Explaining number 6 of the Saturday Six

OK folks, some of my friends don't understand my answer to this question in the Saturday Six: 

6. If you were another person, do you think you would be friends with the person you know as yourself? 

My answer was no.  Here's why:  It says, "If you were another person".  See, if I were another "me", I'd get along just fine with me.  But I've not met many people who understand me enough to get through the armor and really be able to put up with me.  Cliff does well at it, thank the good Lord.  I don't fit in with most crowds.  I don't like the things women are supposed to like... shoes, clothes, makeup.  I have never fit into anybody's mold.   

As for the word "friend".  Some people call every acquaintance "friend".  I do not.  My real friends in this life have been few and far between, although there are many acquaintances I like.  (Joanna, Lona, Sue...  you are friends.)

Probably this is as clear as mud to most of you.  But I think my kids and my husband (and possibly a friend or two) will understand what I am saying.


bookncoffee said...

I understand.  I don't fit any mold either.  I am an odd cookie with my own ways, my quirks, etc.  I think the fact that I require lots of solitude makes me different from a lot of folks and my mind and my brain just thinks differently. So I might have answered no also, to that question. You also seem to be refreshed with some time to yourself.  So even though we are different I understand a lot of what you are saying.  

sanforized6 said...

I didn't read your original entry, BUT, I love your answer. It only proves you are truly an individual, so rare, and I respect you for it. RIGHT ON!! rich

astaryth said...

<nodding head> Yep, I get it. I don't have a lot of friends either, and most of them are male just because of what you said about not liking the things I'm 'supposed' to like. I would much rather have something new for my computer, or something for one of my hobbies than jewelry or shoes for a gift <LOL>Nope, being 'different' isn't always easy, but it IS interesting!

toonguykc said...

Okay.  I don't understand, but I'll deny I don't  so that I can be part of the group of your closest friends!  So... I GET IT!  Yay!  (evil smirk)


amy122389 said...

I understand completely.  I only have a few friends.  Quite a few acquaintances, but only a few friends...  
I think *I* would be friends with me, but only because I understand me.  LOL


csandhollow said...

I understand your answer. I know lots of people(mostly journal buddies) but I have very few people that I can truely say are friends. I am so glad that you can count Cliff as one of your friends.

bnanajm said...

Knowing you the way I do, I truly understand that you are a very special lady and I'm honored to be your friend.

Love, Joanna