Sunday, August 7, 2005

A pleasant Sunday

Kevin's birthday dinner was today.  I fixed everything he ordered:  Barbecued brisket, Watergate salad, Old Settler's beans, home-made rolls, potato salad (he didn't order that but I felt it was needed) and pumpkin pie.

So my daughter's family was here for a pretty early dinner, then came back for supper, at my invitation. 

As they were getting ready to leave this evening, I said, "Kevin, if you want to, take some brisket home for a sandwich at work tomorrow."

He just sat there looking wistful and Rachel said, "I guess you want me to get it for you?"

He looked so sad, and Rachel sighed and got it.  No folks, she is not the type to wait hand and foot on her husband.  So this was pretty funny to us.  But it got better.  She got the meat put into the container, started to hand it to Kevin, and he says, "I'd like some of those Old Settler's beans, too; oh, and some Watergate salad."

Another deep sigh from Rachel.

As she got that done and was about ready to pick the goodies up and leave, Kevin said, "Some potato salad would be nice."

Rachel was beyond rolling her eyes, by this time.  However, she went ahead and filled one more container.  (Don't you just love those Glad containers that you can use a few times and then toss?)

She had stacked the containers, started to pick them up and head out, when Kevin said, ever so wistfully, "I'd like a piece of pumpkin pie, too."

I tell you, we were having such a great time with this, I only wish there'd been one more thing for Kevin to ask for.



bookncoffee said...

Oh, this meal sounds wonderful.  Like Kevin, I'd have been wanting to take some home too.

ksquester said...

I can just see Rachel now...ha!   Sounds delightful, but tell me, what is Watergate salad.  (first you started me wanted pecan waffels and now it is watergale salad.) I think that YOU enjoy life more than anybody I know!    Anne

my78novata said...

yup that sounds like  ag reat time and Here I am hungry for watergate salad now. I fixed it once and it was good

csandhollow said...

I love pumpkin pie. It is my all time favorite food! LOL He should have asked for a glass of tea to go!