Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Family Entry... my youngest grandchild

Meet Lyndsay, my little Georgia peach.  This was taken in 2002, but I love how happy she looks wearing her daddy's shoes.

Lyndsay was a total surprise to us.  I thought I wasn't going to have any more grandchildren.  That just goes to show you, don't count your eggs (or grandchildren) till they're all hatched.

Thanks to my son's being stationed in Germany twice with his older children when they were small, I learned early on to cope with relatives being inaccessable.  Otherwise, it would drive me nuts having a granddaughter so far away.  I just don't let myself think about the fact that we don't know when, or if, we'll see her again. 

Lyndsay is a beauty!  Although I can see some resemblance to her half-sister, Amber, she really looks most like her mother.

We only get to see our youngest granddaughter two to three times a year (and probably less often than that, from now on), but she takes up right where we left off last time we saw her, and there's no shyness around us at all.

Yesterday was her first day of school.  To read all about it and see the pictures, click here.  You'll notice she's just as pretty now as she was in 2002.


madcobug said...

She is a beautiful child. She looks so cute in those work shoes. I checked out the site you had listed and looked as if mommie had a tough day more than Lyndsay did LOL. helen

fierrorachel said...

what a doll!

plieck30 said...

Shes a little darlin'. My youngest daughter lived in Germany twice too and the oldest in England for three years so I know the feeling of not being able to always see those grandkids when you want. Paula