Thursday, August 25, 2005

back at the cabin

It's been awhile since I've spent quality time at the cabin.  But my son-in-law picked up my granddauthers at 5 PM tonight, so I headed back there with my dog and my new camera.  What a lovely place, and what a great time to be there.

Cliff and I had hoped to be able to spend the coming Labor Day weekend at the Old Thresher's Reunion in Iowa; but after spending $200 on the septic tank fiasco, I believe we'll stay home.  I'm thinking about becoming a hermit for 24 hours of that weekend, staying at the cabin.  We'll see.  Or, who knows:  miracles still happen, and perhaps somehow we'll find a way to get to Iowa.  It doesn't matter, because life is good.

When I first bought my horse some 20 months ago, I had the vet come to check him out.  I  told  Cliff specifically to ask him (I was at work) if Blue had been foundered; the vet said no.  Then when my former farrier came to shoe him, he said yes... Blue had foundered at some time in the past.

Well, my new farrier said yesterday that Blue had never been foundered.  That's GREAT news.  Also, Blue's foot problem is better.  The farrier said his hooves are starting to grow normally. 

He did some first-aid that should allow me to ride my horse again, if it ever stops raining.  I'm pretty happy about that.

I can picture myself having a decent Labor Day weekend after all.


ksquester said...

OK....what does foundered mean? BTW, love those pictures. The sunset is beautiful and love the one of Mandy trying to get you to go back to the house.  Anne

tendernoggle said...

Ok...I loved all the pictures but the one of the sunset was beautiful! When you say "foundered", what does that mean?? I looked it up in the dictionary and it said something about being lame or fed too that it? Either way, I am happy that Blues foot is better! Hope you get to go to Iowa for Labor Day!
love ya,

toonguykc said...

Isolation, solitude, nature, a good dog = a wonderful weekend!  I'm jealous.

madcobug said...

I enjoyed looking at all the pictures but the one where the sun is shinning and making those rays I like best of all. I can't leave out Mandy's though. I like the ones where she is waiting on you to go come. She seems to be saying "will you please hurry and come on. I am ready to go back to the house"
Glad Blue's hooves are doing better. Have a great day. Helen

bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed pics....I especially liked that of the sun and the rays.  Just beautiful.  Glad you enjoyed some time alone......sounds nice.  

bnanajm said...

My dear friend, looking through your eyes and the lens of your camera, I believe I caught a glimpse of Heaven.

I love your pics.