Saturday, August 6, 2005

The Hardin Skeeterfest

Some of you who remember the "Flood of '93" may remember part of a cemetary being washed away in the tiny town of Hardin, Missouri. 

Cliff's brother called this morning with the news that Hardin is having it's annual fair, which is called the "Skeeterfest", and there was to be an antique tractor pull.  So of course we headed ocross the river.

As we were driving to the tractor-pull grounds, we kept seeing teenagers alongside the road covered... and I do mean COVERED... in mud; and we haven't had rain in days.  Finally we found the source of all the mess, two mudpits with volleyball nets strung across them.  

I've seen it all now.  I doubt that mud volleyball will ever make the olympics, but it was rather fun to watch. 

I'll be doing more entries on the Skeeterfest later.  I took too many pictures to put in one entry.


firestormkids04 said...

It looks like wonderful fun!  You wouldn't catch me in there, but I'd gladly push my kids in . . .Blessings, Penny

jspiker said...

Funny...good clean fun!!