Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot (on Tuesday)

Once again, John Scalzi has given us a photo assignment.  If you choose to play, go to John's blog and leave a link to that particular entry so all may enjoy it.

Your Monday Photo Shoot on Tuesday: Unusual Objects And, no, don't take any pictures of your spouse. Really, that's just mean. No, I'm talking some object that when people see it in your house, they stop and say something like "Huh. You don't see that every day."

  Cliff and our two granddaughters had several suggestions for this assignment, but I decided to venture upstairs where I keep most of my odd stuff (yeah, that's why it's a mess).  Actually, I put two things in the picture that I consider odd.  At least I've never seen either of them in any homes I've visited.

That plastic picture on the wall portrays what was considered to be the ideal Jersey cow, back around 1969.  I had bought my first couple of registered Jerseys, and was so proud to have them.  I remember having a throw pillow on my couch with a picture of a Jersey cow, too.

Below the picture is the music box my grandfather gave my grandmother as a wedding gift when they were married, back around 1909.  It still played music until about four years ago.  Some day I'll see about getting it fixed.  One of the three songs it plays is "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey".


gaboatman said...

The music box is, indeed, unique!  A beautiful piece of your family's history.  I hope you are able to have it fixed one day.

artloner said...

Well, ole' Bessie cracked me up...but I LOVE the music box.  I know you cherish it.


plieck30 said...

Yep only a country girl would have a picture like that on her wall and the music box is interesting. Paula

dragonrose637 said...

Oh, i love the music box. I would love to have a family thing like that.

cneinhorn said...

cute cow and love the music box!

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